Diddy Talks ‘Undefeated’ Documentary, Playboy Mansion Party on ‘Kimmel’


Diddy visited “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote his latest role as executive producer of the Oscar-nominated documentary Undefeated. Showing off his striped socks and half moon hair part, Mr. Combs spoke about throwing one of the best parties at the Playboy Mansion, what he did for Valentine’s Day (“I turned off the lights and lit some candles”), his son’s football scholarship, and how he got involved with the film. “I cried like four times,” admitted Diddy, who will attend the Oscars on February 26.

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  1. Sarah

    Diddy is hilarious! This documentary looks good. I’ll look out for it.

    He doesn’t seem to age. That skin.

    I except to see some hateful comments from some sad bitter people as usual on here after I post my comment. But that interview was funny.


  2. chris

    diddys got his buisness going right but his record label badboy ain,t poppin right now coz all his artist sucks n one doesn,t even know how to use an email,wtf??


  3. chris

    french montana sucks


  4. chris

    badboy records flopped out a long time ago,diddy jus around coz he rich n 4 the sake of showing off but he really need to lay off the music biz cuz he destroys errythin he touches.


  5. hate revolver

    How cares if his record label is flopping, he’s still rich as fuck. so he ain’t hurting and that’s what matters. and his still popular than ever. it’s all about longevity, he’s being doing it for YEARS and branding. and don’t forget his still a producer with the hitmen i.e. the roc boys by jay z. so save your energy if you trying to hate diddy. he now represent hip hop as a businessman and shows where hip hop culture can take it hosting partys at playboy, movies, vodka. SAVE UR ENERGY.


  6. hate revolver

    Diddy has been doing it for years! who cares if bad boy hasn’t come out with a hit. he’s worth have a billion and he ain’t hurting like some artists and that’s all that matters.


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