Nicki Minaj Shows Her Stripes at Viva Glam Launch Party

Nicki Minaj

Following appearances on “GMA” and “Live! with Kelly,” VIVA GLAM spokeswoman Nicki Minaj capped off her busy day promoting the M.A.C AIDS Fund with a launch party in New York City. The glamour girl electrified in a wavy blonde wig and pink-and-blue-striped ensemble as she puckered up with M.A.C Cosmetics products, which raise money for the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Nicki’s new single “Starships” has already cracked the top 5 on iTunes, and she is set to perform at the NBA All-Star Game on February 26.

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  1. BreezyLover

    her hair looks ridiculous!

    where is her forehead?


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @BreezyLover, L,ao,I was thinking the same thing,that looks very wierd


    Lauryn Reply:


    Hahaha. This Chick Can’t Dress, Has No Style! Over-rated…


    @beyonceland Reply:



  2. Ijusthadsex



    QueenBeeFanatic Reply:

    @Ijusthadsex, Lil’ Kim clone clown.. -_-


  3. Ijusthadsex

    Nicki makes no sense. Lilkim is way better. Nicki giv us a break.


  4. MrUnhateable

    If you see a nicki minaj post and you know u don’t like her yet u flock to everything she does just to say something negative… Guess what? U R A HATER! Lol seriously u don’t see me on lil Kim’s post shittin on her do u? You know why? Because I don’t like her and could give a fuck what she doing in life.

    As for nicki minaj, I like this look. It’s wacky but fun instead of over the top. She’s doing a great thing for HIV/aids cause!


    musiclyphe Reply:

    @MrUnhateable, you are soo right lol they just mad cause they can’t afford what she’s wearing and they want it. I actually love her hair.


  5. lol

    even lil kim has a better lacefront. nicki is killin herself quick.


  6. Sharp Tongue

    I see why a lot of you are mad and its okay.


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  8. rim_pf

    omg another single hit top 5 and another major performance this month AND spokeswoman for a good cause….. yep nicki is really killin herself lol


    RDK Reply:



  9. worshipthequeen

    funny how people can release singles on the same day and well hahaha ctfu….you know what everyone go support if you love me it NEEDS your support


  10. St8juice

    Gorg beautiful little Barbie hoes hatin lil Kim weave looks so nappy in her recent interview and cheek I’m plants are starting to sag lmao nicki is killing every thing hoes just sit and enjoy the show :)


  11. junior

    im really proud of this woman! she is doing big things! i see a lot of chick hating on her! even dudes! lol if you dont have anything positive to say, dont even comment! easy as that. save your comment. NO FEMALE RAPPER HAS DONE THE SHIT NICKI IS DOING! NO ONE! i see why your mad though! :) get over it!


  12. LOL

    she looks a 30 year old clown as usual.


  13. chris

    roman take ua medication,then go on a vacation then u will be alright.she prescribed her own cure at the grammys n that,s wat her fans need to do.peace out.


  14. Outspoken

    You can see her black hair under her taped lace front. Fix that honey. That jacket with the dress is too much, the dress alone would of been fine.


  15. The Realist

    Why is her hairline glued to the middle of her forehead? o_O


  16. Sbuam

    sooo… where’s the ass ?


  17. chris

    take ua medication roman and go on a vaction,then u will feel alright.thats what she and her fans need to do before they commited to an asylum or a circus or both


  18. RDK

    haters are always first,anyways keep doign your thing nicki,they hating on your makes them feel better so i guess you are doing something good there also.


  19. -_-

    That lace front needs to go.


  20. Hugh

    Love her dimples


  21. bimpe

    All you haters nicki minaj doesn’t care what you fools say about her what i know is that nicki minaj has style and she is here to stay whether you like it or not nobody can take her shine she °is the only female rap artist that has the stage were ever she goes so i advice you all that hate her should get into your cars and take a long drive to hell and have a nice trip there…mshewwwwwww


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