Willow Smith Calls Tyler, the Creator the ‘Love of My Life’

Tyler, the Creator and Willow Smith

How many 11 year olds are down with Odd Future? Willow Smith met up with crew leader Tyler, the Creator at the Odd Future store in Los Angeles. Wearing a Goblin sweatshirt and beanie, the “Fireball” singer professed her love for the “Yonkers” rapper, writing, “Life is complete… Love of my life.” But it’s more than just a crush. Willow has been outspoken about her affection for all things OFWGKTA. Is a collaboration next?

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  1. Yeah



    Trev Reply:

    @Yeah, yea exactly. this is mad disturbing…rapping about Jesus being a b***h and laughing a women getting raped is not cool…idc how “original” it is or w/e dumb excuse you guys come up with…he is trash


    F*ck Trev Reply:

    @Trev, if your gonna hate just shut the fuck up dont listen to OF then get outta wolf gangs shit


  2. ILY



  3. ughreally

    Disgusting. Should not be associated with a group that raps about God being a b*tch or laughing about pregnant women raped.

    Nothing is kid friendly from their camp.


    coolio Reply:

    @ughreally, its funny though. you americans take everything way too seriously. thats’s you’re hated all over the world


    Triniti Reply:

    @coolio, Abused as a child, much?


    Tami Reply:

    @ughreally, Nothing is kid friendly about Rihanna or any other singer or musician nowadays either. But kids will be kids and if you don’t think they listen to stuff like that. Trust me they do. Lol. But I don’t get the Odd Future hes ugly and weird as hell. Shell grow out of it . Lol


    Bloom Reply:

    @Tami, Rihanna was a bad example for the point your trying to get across


    Lauryn Reply:


    Thank You!


    Ice Reply:

    @Tami, I agree with you but you do realize Odd Future is a group, right? The guy is called Tyler the Creator. Not that its an important fact though.


    lol Reply:

    @ughreally, stfu


  4. Replay

    Omg Gayler the Shitcreator


  5. Lauryn

    Ugly M*Fucker!


  6. Redchainsaw

    The Smiths SERIOUSLY need grasp Control on who this 11 year old associates her self with


    Rap* Reply:


    Exactly. Smiths are such a disappointed.


  7. JAYE

    i have a bad feeling about this…


  8. Tami

    Not your kid don’t worry about her. Kids these days listen to this . Shrugs . Nothing is kid friendly anymore on the radio ..


    IAMJUDGE Reply:

    @Tami, see that’s the problem. People are so caught up in their own lives, they don’t see what’s happening to our world as a whole. Our society is heading south. There are no lines, filters, morals. And we are supposed to just accept it?


  9. KNUCK

    smh… what type of illuminati arrangement?


  10. Tami

    And i don’t think she literally means love of my life. She’s 11 . Gtfo Willow with that.She sounds really stars truck and thats all. He’s ugly.Dont get their hype.


  11. Triniti

    Finally a non-Nicki Minaj story!


    eXtreme.com Reply:

    @Triniti, LOL


    TJ Reply:

    @Triniti, Yet you still managed to bring her name up…


  12. dodo

    this has got to be will’s worst nightmare. good luck.


  13. truth

    will and jada dont care. they’re scientologist hahaha


  14. CarlosBonegro

    i know you all are retarded by the fact your all saying his “ugly” like his a model or something haha
    you nashy ass chris brown fans who only like artist for there looks and dont care about talent


    WTF Reply:

    @CarlosBonegro, Chris Brown is extremely talented and versatile though so your point is kind of moot. Anyone with a good eye whether a fan or not can recognise this.


  15. Ruston

    this looks like the result of the Smiths divorce


  16. Winston Churchill

    i see crack cocaine in teh future


  17. Roderick

    Some of yall are some fuckin haters…..just because yall dnt like wat he says doesmt mean u can diss him. This nigga has unbeleviable skill. So wat he is a dark rapper. Take your dick out your ass and actually look towards the brighter side of this….no matter wat u say thid nigga is still gone make more money than u.


    Jayla Reply:

    @Roderick, are u fucking him damn! What man writes a paragraph defending a man who doesnt give a shit about him, lmao


  18. chrstphrrr

    will and jada don’t care, they are too busy faking their marriage. I don’t see the big deal anyway. it’s okay to do songs w/nicki minaj but not okay to hang w/tyler at his own store?


  19. Rick

    willow smith has good taste.


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    SERIOUSLY…. Where does Will and Jada draw the line? I’m done with the Smith’s.


  22. aaliyah



    Slate Reply:

    @aaliyah, LMAO!


  23. Ofwgkta

    The Devil doesn’t wear prada, I’m clearly in a fucking white tee.


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  26. Rap*

    Just sick.


  27. James

    Willow is trying growing up too fast..she needs to stay in childs place…smh


  28. rihannaalways

    someone needa get this lil bald headed hoe she needa act her age now she haggn with crazy niqqas talkn bout rape and other stuff n there songs she must relly think she rihanna


    Mentamir Reply:

    @rihannaalways, calling an 11-year-old a hoe, tho? Come on, now!


    wow Reply:

    @Mentamir, ummmm she was on a stripper pole is thats not a hoe i dont no wat is


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  31. Stay Iceyy

    Yall Taking It To
    Seriously Its Not Your Damn Child Gtfo Why Yall Worried It Seems Like Yall Worry About Wtf She Is Doing Then Worrying About Your Self All Im Saying Is #GETTING A DAMN LIFE.


  32. Phillip Jecty

    I love LA.


  33. jade

    @trev who are you people to jude someone im possitve tyler and willow are not dating so hope off because you dont even no what your talking about and all of you can go fuck your selfs theres mothing weong with is music


  34. earltylerhodgyOFWG




    Y does it mata wat muic she listens to.it anit yu so dont worry bout it i love tyler the creator2.


  36. Ursula

    Sooo jealous… Haha! Hate her officially


  37. byefelicia

    wolfgang tho..


  38. B-Busy

    I’ve thought about this alot and I fell that. Any body who likes all of Odd future has got to be retarded or someone with problems, They feel are huge but if they were to step in the shoes of some one who is cleary in agginy daily. They would know not to promote wrong doing… whether its just music or if its what he really wants… what matters it that when a impressionable young kid hears someone such as Tyler The Creator they dont always know if he is just making music some think that it would be cool to be in a lawless world… As someone who has lived as there were no laws let me tell you its not easy. There is always someone more dark and willing to go further than you want to take it… SO TRASH WANG DATS WUZ UP TRASH WANG DATS WUZ UP WHOOP WHOOP TO MY REAL MUTHA FACKLEZ


  39. Maddy

    I personally think tyler is one of the most good looking guys i have ever seen. fuck you all, his amazing and if you actually listen to his music you will understand the story line. but your all uptight cunts who listen to top 20′s in fucking itunes. suck a dick fags.



    I have the biggest crush on Tyler the creator .. like its crazy i fucking love his music and omg i fucking love him


  41. alexis

    Personally. I love Tyler the creator and my one year old daughter does as well. Music now a days is expressive and to be honest as a Satanist his music can be a little graphic but he is hilarious and speaks some real wisdom. #golfwang


  42. Father MOSES

    Matha fuck you all ‘Odd future haters’ who cares wat u think? Ya’ll r probably ugly as fuck!


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