Video: K’naan f/ Nas – ‘Nothing to Lose’

Nas and K'naan

K’naan takes Nas on a tour of Toronto in the video for “Nothing to Lose,” a cut off his EP More Beautiful Than Silence. The Canadian MC catches up with old friends and visits the neighborhood where he grew up, including the Somali Social Club and Poets & Pirates Cafe. “We got our own flavor, we got our own struggles, we got our own version of hard,” he tells Nas. Cruise through his stomping grounds.

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  1. Ijusthadsex

    Nice one. Knaan has been a better artiste. Tell nicki minaj to sit down


    XO till we overdose Reply:

    @Ijusthadsex, why do you feel the need to mention other artists in a post like this? nas and k’naan are pretty much better than every artist out right now but it doesn’t mean you gotta tell every artist to sit down.


    xeezy Reply:

    u ryt dude…tht was inapropriate


  2. sbz

    Nas is the best lyricist ever. Mad respect to both artists though.


  3. K-Mac

    1 word –> DOPE


  4. fowsiya

    Wow these two are Hot.


  5. Say word

    Did anyone notice my dude from Heroes in the beginning of the third verse standing next to K na’an?


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