Diddy Gives Artists a Voice with REVOLT Music Network


Sean “Diddy” Combs is taking television into his own hands. The music mogul has officially announced REVOLT, a music-oriented cable channel set to launch next year.

REVOLT is billed as the first network to combine music and social media in real time for the video-centric generation. It will be distributed by Comcast as part of its initiative to add more minority-owned networks.

“I’m honored by the opportunity to be part of this effort to bring diverse programming to the masses,” stated Diddy. “Marked by this partnership with Comcast, my hope is that this new network will spark a revolution in entertainment and encourage other media and communications companies to bring REVOLT to their audiences.”

The REVOLT platform will produce dynamic music content and serve as a destination for music fans and artists under the leadership of Combs.

“REVOLT TV is bringing that revolution that television needs,” explained Diddy in a YouTube video. “I grew up watching BET and MTV and HBO and NBC and I had a dream that one day I would get a chance, an opportunity to show my perspective coming from a musical standpoint.”

Diddy wants to give artists more creative freedom. “I take a lot of pride in having experience and credibility, the authenticity, and the relationships to make REVOLT TV the #1 name in home for music on television,” he said. “I’m gonna give the artist this channel. It’s your channel to do what you wanna do, how you wanna do it.”

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  1. Jessica

    We need a network like this since MTV is not about music anymore.


  2. Braulio

    Good job diddy


  3. teeezy



  4. V.I.C.




    hopefully they not goin to censor songs.


  6. Alfonso

    And BET is f-u-c-k-i-n with our minds, cuz they keep on sayin the sexyness is to racey. get the f-u-c-k outta BET u guys had way back in the day BET UNCUT @ 2 OR 3 OR 4 AM in the morninz what f-u-c-k-i-n gives


  7. A Realist

    I’m really hoping this succeeds. So sick of that BS that MTV does playing all reality shows all the time. Even took away TRL. Smh.


  8. KingTahir

    @Jessica I totally agree


  9. KingTahir

    All MTV shows now is AMTV and i aint up that damn early


  10. Ahab

    Ya boy Diddy did it!


  11. Jomar Relos

    We all have POWERAS somehow… DIFFERENT always keeps our mind sharp…


  12. BitchPlease

    This is a good idea..but personally I think VEVO should have done this..I would love to see VEVO turned into a cable channel..I can see it..music concerts and interviews..but music videos playing all day..us commenting on the videos why their playing..


    Last King. Reply:

    @BitchPlease, well that’s actually the idea.
    I think this will be huge tbh this will hopefully inspire artists to put more thought into their visuals.


  13. JHP

    Major props to Puffy is he can bring a channel that does a better job than what MTV, BET, & VH1 are doing right now


  14. MannieBeats

    This is a great idea, and i support it to the fullest extent.


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