New Music: Ester Dean – ‘Let It Grow (Celebrate the World)’

Ester Dean

Ester Dean spreads her wings and soars on “Let It Grow (Celebrate the World).” The inspirational record, produced by Tricky Stewart, is featured on the soundtrack to Dr. Seuss’ animated film The Lorax, to which she also lends her voice. In addition to working on her Interscope debut (she already has 10 records picked), the singer-songwriter is writing for No Doubt, Keyshia Cole, Monica, Brandy, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, and more.

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  1. A Realist

    I just cannot get into her voice.


    dexlovesrih Reply:

    @A Realist, omg sameeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!i was thinking this but didnt wanna seem mean..nice songs..but her <<<<<<<


    Trevisss Reply:

    @A Realist, i actually liked her voice on number one sex with r.kelly and drop it low! she should do similar songs!


  2. Robjr Loves Ciara

    I prefer her as a writer, some people are just better behind the scenes….nice song tho.


  3. Jay

    All you bitches better not start with the bullshit… NICKI MINAJ WRITES HER OWN RAPS!!! EstéR Dean has only written hooks for her.


    Kristy Reply:

    @Jay, why would you even bring that up? no one said anything. you sound insane.


    Ice Reply:

    @Kristy, More like paranoid, always trying to dispute an argument before its even made.


    uknowumad Reply:

    @Jay, either way she still wack


  4. J,Banner

    I HATE THIS!!!





  6. Love_lost

    The reason why people like Ester Dean continue to remain behind the scences is because she writes music for these artists who only posess the gift of singing. There are too many people out there sounding like her. Because music reflects an artists style, she can not soar. I highly doubt that Nicki Writes her own music. It is good that she has die hard fans, but face the fact the is not as good as she used to be. Nicki is beautiful and talented as seen in her own music. That was when she wrote music to inspire. She started giving her fans angry alter ego’s like Martha, Roman, etc. When you are an artist you create from the heart. Writing songs and singing songs just because your fans want you to doesn’t work out to well in the end. Why would you want to portray an angry character with stupid antics when you can simply be yourself. I’m proud of Ester Dean but to make it in such a harsh industry, you have to do what BRUNO MARS did and stop writing for other artists until you prove your point and BE GREAT!


    UR2FUNNY Reply:

    @Love_lost, nicki does write her own music…everyone she has ever worked with knows that


    :l Reply:

    @UR2FUNNY,Co-sign they now nicki writes her own sh-t it,s not a fan bias thing it,s facts,but you now the haters are always trying to discredit nicki minaj.


  7. New Music: Ester Dean – ‘Let It Grow (Celebrate the World)’

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  8. Keith

    I don’t know why Ester continues to use auto-tune. She has a pretty voice. When she does her runs at the end of this song (without auto-tune) she sounds great. I just wish she would sing the rest of her songs like that.


  9. andy

    why is she so auto tuned? does she have a good voice orrr?


  10. keisha

    Ester is my best friend and unless you know her or her struggle then say nothing ill. Ive known her when all of this was just a dream for her. I don’t know Nikki but to create as much of a hook is all it takes and all successful artist producers or writers will tell u this. I’m so proud of her she has accomplished more than most even me lol. This is not her first soundtrack or her last so stay tuned. Say what u may after this cause I won’t be back to read it but I had to let it be known that it doesn’t matter what she sounds like cause she is blessed and I’m happy for her. So Belle if ur reading this much love sis…stay in peace.


  11. bigFAN

    geez u so talented all dem songs you wrote…amazing…


  12. DJInVincible74

    Love this song. I hope she releases this as a single instead of “Gimme Your Money”.


  13. cadi

    we love you rita ora


  14. cadi

    albania star


  15. Webkatalog


    [...] || New Music: Ester Dean – ‘Let It Grow (Celebrate the World)’[...]…

  16. kovon flowers

    shes hot great work


  17. kovon flowers

    I have to say as a songwriter she inspires me and I would love to hear her as a artist no way E dean is wack or whatever the other comments that was said how can you not get past her voice huh thats crazy to me when you have all these horrible female singers out here who can’t even come close to E-Dean yea I dubbed her that she is Fire write that shit sing that shit sis your brother in the songwriter world K.Flowers The Penmaster


  18. Yogesh

    Drop it low,Love sucide,Take you to Rio,Taking his girl r good but Let it grow(2012) and How you love it(2013) are a great song ever and at first time when i heard this song i didn`t recognize this voice.Ester you r a Rock *


  19. Its Meeee

    Hate those humans who think they can say all to everybody but they don’t have the rights for it huh!? So sh** of Nicki Minaj fans!!! So everybody that want to tell us that she can’t sing have to write a song right now and try sing and try to sound good so she is one that don’t want to sing so most like others but she’s writing an singing very good so when you give dissliking comments don’t write them only when you are like normal humans and only write for her and ist’s one of the best songs ever!?


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