New Music: Wiz Khalifa – ‘Morocco’

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa lights one up and gets on his “desert swag” on “Morocco,” a new release that will not appear on his upcoming mixtape Taylor Allderdice. The Taylor Gang leader grapples with life in the spotlight on the trippy Sledgren production, on which he sings and raps.

“This song is about acceptance. Not necessarily feelin unaccepted but not really feelin accepted for who you are,” explained Wiz.

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  1. Kayla

    First comment! yay!


  2. zayyd bee

    Wow datz 9c


  3. datniggaotto

    not feeling this at all…


  4. tim harvey

    a good song by wiz cant wait to get this mixtape


  5. Shade

    This would be dope…if he could actually sing. Leave the Alternative Hip Hop too people who can pull it off Wizzy.


    Dev Reply:

    @Shade, “Wizzy” is actually Sam Adams… its wizzle


  6. shakeLIFE

    The hate is Gettin to Cameron he is becoming more brash in his lyrics he’s on stunt and floss mode I’m spending money lovin life steez fucc what a hater gotta say

    Wiz u wounded bra


    Shade Reply:

    @shakeLIFE, Wtf did you just say?


  7. John Doe

    wtf is this sh*t lol, i kept waiting for the ACTUAL song to start


    Yeah Reply:

    @John Doe,


  8. CarlosBonegro

    wtf has happened to wiz man like seriously wtf


  9. Wiz Khalifa "Morocco" | Carlton Jordan

    [...] Source: Rap-Up [...]

  10. Logic

    c’mon Wiz man….you hurting me baby…the beat hot but thats about it..


  11. Lol

    He tryna be Jimi Hendrix to much…how he dress and now this trash not like Jimi btw…but dude just stop …smh what happen to original artist…its like they find their favorite artist and try to be them…wack


  12. Alpha Blondy

    MOROCCO Stand the fuck up


  13. maya

    amazing beat wasted on Wiz


  14. Davonte

    “This song is about acceptance. Not necessarily feelin unaccepted but not really feelin accepted for who you are,”. THis quote is true and makes sense it means that he feel accepted for being a rapper but people dont accepted him for who he is before he was a rapper and made millions


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  19. Dev

    I hate it when people are “with” the movement but aren’t actually with the movement. Respect him for what he’s done and what he plans to do, you can’t make the same shit all of the time. The only reason they claim this song to be worthless is because he isn’t doing what everyone else is doing. In the end, either fuck with it or fuck off.


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