New Music: J. Cole – ‘Grew Up Fast’

Grew Up Fast

To celebrate the milestone of reaching 2 million Twitter followers, J. Cole releases a new song for his fans called “Grew Up Fast.” The soulful offering, produced by Canei Finch, samples former Temptation David Ruffin’s 1969 record “The Double Cross.”

“It’s only right I brought back the soul/ Ya’ll got way too electro, damn near techno/ Halfway homo, way too metro,” raps the Grammy-nominated MC.


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  1. la

    legend in the making


  2. freddycarrasco

    yesssss! cole world no blanket


  3. JustSaying

    “It’s only right I brought back the soul/ Ya’ll got way too electro, damn near techno/ Halfway homo, way too metro,”

    DEAD! amen to that.. all these people with all this ElectroPop and Techno… Im glad some people are still HipHop R&B and Soul!


    Ice Reply:

    @JustSaying, He just summed up the whole music industry in one line


  4. J. Cole Truth

    Da Truth Preach Brah


  5. JusListen.Net

    J.cole Blacked


  6. GolfWang

    cole spazzed


  7. hmm

    besides the line in the post & the hat trick few goals pun..its was nothing special the beat is hot tho


  8. AAA

    I love this guy


  9. H-Town

    Beat is sickening!!! Cole World back at it.


  10. Shade

    COLE WORLD! Bringing that legit Hip Hop


  11. Neon



  12. Trevisssia



  13. Will

    J Cole is that soul nigga


  14. Kami

    Dawg!!!! You are A lyrical assassin! This is poetry. I love your mind…on some real! Just when I think you are amazing, you get better. From Just a year ago when you came to New Orleans, to now, your music has matured greatly. Keep supplying my drug(your music) The END!


  15. Real Issh

    Cole is that man . It’s too easy for him , & that’s why his reigns gonna last for ever .


  16. CarlosBonegro

    ooooh weeeee j cole coming back with that sick shit


  17. Kayla

    I love it! J.Cole is one of the best rappers in the game right now!


  18. kels

    how did he not win a grammy?!!!!


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  20. Logic

    Cole be spittin that truth!


  21. Last King.

    Shit was wack af.


    maya Reply:

    @Last King., but you’re a tyga fan…


    Real Issh Reply:

    @maya, EXACTLY .


    Mentamir Reply:

    @Last King., I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it was weak, but I know J. Cole can do a lot better. He made it easy on us with this one.


  22. &.

    I like it. Can’t wait to see what material he’ll have on his second album.


  23. Philly11

    Cole World!! Never let’s me down


  24. Ladyrae

    It’s not his best, but at least he’s coming back with that classic JCole flow instead of that watered down Nice Watch stuff. Just a warm up for his second album…


  25. cell

    man i been waiting for this i hope he go on mtv and the grammys when is the mixtape coming out i cant wait


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  27. Triniti

    I was working on a paper anyway, but I stayed up for this song! Classic J. Cole…I love it!


  28. buddyreal

    nice ! !


  29. flawda

    He should of dropped 8 bars for them corny ass MTV Hottest MC panel judges. I mean in what world did Big Sean or Meek Mill have a better year than J Cole, or even Wale. I mess with Wale, but J Cole outsold all three of those dudes.


    Triniti Reply:

    @flawda, THANK YOU!!!


  30. ColeWorld

    Tune man . Played Cole


  31. mike tyson

    he gonna take over real soon


  32. mus

    Stuff is cole, rhymes on point, beat epic. Not really a J COle fan but this is really dope


  33. PEEZY

    Where can i download this…shit FIRE !!!


  34. maya

    I love this man, he killed this <33

    I could listen to sideline from beginning to end without skipping!




    ”its only right i brought back the soul, rappers getin too electro better yet techno, half way homo way too metro”..


  36. tb

    oooooooweeeeeee damn dont hurt em cole


  37. Pam

    I been fiending for this shit since sept27 COLE WORLLDDDD


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  40. Mr Nice Watch

    Drake, don’t think it’s a jab at you too.


  41. MINGLatiefah

    This shit WAVY!


  42. Goole_Me

    Loin’ J.Cole style ….
    He actaully makin’ me
    changing my opinion on new
    Rappers !!! …. This is rapping
    Drake Take Lesson !!!
    He doesn’t try to sing cause his
    occupation say Rapper…..

    Applause …..


  43. Puma

    Bring it the OLD Hip/Hop back!!! COLE WORLD!!! Round of Applause


  44. Bryanna Roy

    I think this is one of the best songs that Cole has dropped in a while. The people that don’t like his rapping mainly don’t like it because they don’t listen to the lyrics close enough… because everyone has been through the rough times and he just happens to rap about them and how he overcame his troubles. His rapping style is different from Lil Wayne’s and Drake’s,but different doesn’t always mean bad.
    -Cole’s Number 1 fan :)
    Seeing him on MARCH 16th!! Super excited <333


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