New Music: DMX f/ Machine Gun Kelly – ‘I Don’t Dance’

DMX and Machine Gun Kelly

The original wild boy, DMX, hooks up with Bad Boy’s wild boy, Machine Gun Kelly, on “I Don’t Dance,” the first single from X’s comeback album Undisputed. The Yonkers rapper returns with a vengeance, growling over the club-ready beat. “Ya’ll ni**as whisper, ‘X is a crackhead.’ Aight then, fuck it, I’ma just crack heads,” he barks. Cleveland’s MGK comes through with a rebellious verse on his idol’s song, proving he’s learned from the best.

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  1. Juice

    X is back! check out his interview with the breakfast club..lmao


  2. YM

    pretty hot…watch out for ruff ryders n young money collabo


    IRepAfrica Reply:

    @YM, Nah… No ruff riders and YM collabo. X says he hates Drake. He Hates Him. Check out his Breakfastclub interview


  3. LOVE IT!

    DMX go harrrrrrd! And Machine Gun Kelly kills it too. I’m lovin this track!


  4. maximus

    real shit, been missing real hip hop for some time


  5. Yesssss!

    It’s official rap is back! DMX and Machine Gun Kelly, MURDERED this track. I can’t stop listening, and go watch the youtube video of this song. It’s DMX feat. Machine Gun Kelly “I Don’t Dance” (VIDEO). And you will continue to hit the replay button, no lie.


  6. :l

    they went in.


  7. Run The World vs. We Found Love

    Dmx : yeaaaah fuckers he is back i cant believe it the best rapp voice in the bizz 50′ get outta his way ya a pussy and Kanye West to!!


  8. ayot

    the lyrics of this song is old
    just new production
    same as dmx- y’all niggas


  9. Deya

    Hip hop is baaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Oibaf



  11. TB

    JR beat, Clyde Carson?


  12. jay_juvenile



  13. jay_juvenile

    hahaha!!! X IN THE BUILDING Y’ALL!!


  14. NTheAirNewz

    D—M—X= [Dirty MF Exbhit] !!! Now this is the {DMX} I Know & Love

    This is all the way to the (Federal Treasury Department) cause this is “Cash Money” Dogg

    The collaboration selection with Bad Boy Machine Gun Kelly was simply Brillant.



  15. ughreally

    love this song

    If MGK was a Ruff Ryder …hmmm hehe


  16. Hugh

    Xxxxxx Dope ass ish


  17. Christian Hosford

    This song might have been better with a better beat. DMX is one of the people I look up to as an artist. Listened to him growing up. I don’t like this song AT ALL. sorry!


  18. Cakes

    DMX is still the realest alive!


  19. @SickOn_SWAGG

    Guys Who Dance Are Hot !!!


  20. jedimasterasd

    X has lost it. What made his first 3 albums so good was how deep and thoughtful his lyrics were. This song and everything on his last album was so superficial and lame. All his new stuff just sounds like him whining saying “don’t like him, like me cause I’m real”. I’m not sure still being addicted to cocaine and getting thrown in jail for dumb stuff at 40 years old makes you real. What it does is make you stupid for not growing up already and acting responsible. The reason Jay-Z stays relevant is because he has matured over the years and his music reflects that. X is an old man now and shouldn’t be going to jail and snorting coke, how about try being a good father to all 10 of your children and make some adult music.


  21. Yeezy

    @Run The World vs. We Found Love, yeah DMX killed this song, but he is know where better than Kanye


  22. dee strong

    I been waiting on you D you the man b strong and keep puttin out hits i support u 100%


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