Sneak Peek: D-WHY – ‘Macchiato Music’


Hip-hop freshman D-WHY escapes to Italy in the teaser for “Macchiato Music,” the first official video off his upcoming mixtape Don’t Flatter Yourself. The dapper rhymer, who was named one of’s 10 Artists to Watch, sips a macchiato while lounging by the Venice canals in a scene that could be torn from the pages of GQ.

In addition to the T-Minus-produced “Macchiato Music,” D-WHY’s tape will include contributions from Diggy Simmons, Hit-Boy, Boi-1da, and Dot Da Genius.

The full video, directed by Rex Arrow, premieres Monday.

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    Homie cool I guess. Ready for something new, seem like he gonna brig that.


    Greggy Reply:

    @@HOMEWRECKHER, Who is this?? homie get yo’ bread up!!! It’s D-Why son!!! Legen on the come up!


  2. zeut

    this is epic. can’t wait to see the full thing on monday!!!


  3. Dave

    It would’ve been nice if there was actually a verse to hear of his on the track.


    Katie Reply:

    @Dave, Just look up his other stuff. he is seriously sick at rapping. he got a bigger following off of his black and yellow remix


  4. ollie

    D-why is dope, been listening to him since last year


  5. rapup?thatspop

    D-why=The End of HipHop…something is just totally off seeing this white model guy doing HipHop…Call me racist, but I something feels totally off here. But maybe that is a good thing.


    Frankie Reply:

    @rapup?thatspop, you’re a narrow minded fool. don’t judge a book by its cover. have you even listened to his music?


    sam Reply:

    @Frankie, I hadn’t so I googled him and found this:

    I’m sold.


    rapup?thatspop Reply:

    @Frankie, yes u are right! But it just shows what a long way rap has come and is now totally convicted into the mainstream discourse. Great success story but still strange seeing this guy drinking his café in Venice. He looks like the personified end of everything that was once progressive, subcultural and underdog!

    Hip Hop is dead. Time for something new!!!


  6. Christo

    I’m From Venice and I always sit there near canal grande!! :D puahhaha (that coffe sucks)


    Esi53 Reply:

    @Christo, LOL i love your honesty! it’s soo random XD


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  8. Esi53

    Damn he is soo sexy. He can like rap while i sit on his face wit my puxxy on his Italian head ;)


    WVUpearlsandcurls Reply:


    Honey, you really don’t have one shread of dignity or respect for yourself do you? Bless your little heart…
    But can you at least TRY to be a little classier?
    Oh and you’re right about one thing: D is unbelievably sexy…. Every. Last. Inch. Of. Him.
    And by the way, he’s not Italian, sweetheart— he’s Jewish.


    Esi53 Reply:

    @WVUpearlsandcurls, lol, i’ll try to be more classy, and yes i have respect.. it’s not lyk i give it away that easily… hehehe… you know men, they like a little game ;)… hehehehe…*grunts… he’s a Jew?? Hello circumcised! ;) lol


  9. Stephen

    Seriously…if you don’t know who this guy is you need to youtube his stuff because he is SICK! You’ll probably be shocked but you won’t be disappointed. Been listening to him for over a year and he never comes with anything less than fire.


  10. Katie

    So excited to finally see him going mainstream since “devil horns to all”. After downloading all of his songs and remixes, its nice to something good hit this music scene.


  11. Triniti

    Can’t wait!

    Y’all keep hating, aight?


  12. RalphLauren2012

    “Macchiato Music” video premiere on MTVU 11 am EST/PST produced by T-MINUS!!!!


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