Video: Diggy Simmons f/ Jadakiss – ‘88’

Diggy Simmons

Hip-hop rookie Diggy Simmons balls with the big dawgs in the video for “88,” his collaboration with Jadakiss off his upcoming debut Unexpected Arrival (March 20). The 16-year-old phenom gets a co-sign from his uncle Russell Simmons and Jadakiss, who performs his gritty verse in a stairwell. Roll with the Jetsetter.

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  1. KeepItReal

    i dont know about this one diggy. i smell a flop apon us. i dont see it for him!!!


  2. MINGLatiefah

    This shit wack.



    I don’t think this is a good single for him. It’s a dope song of course though. #TeamDiggy


  4. yo

    Love it, street banger. he needed this one.


  5. RealIssh

    Lyrics are dope .


  6. sewa

    Its dope!


  7. James

    Ya’ll trippin! This is HOTT


  8. KayKay



  9. Royaleee

    Can’t take lil dude serious as a rapper after seeing him grow up on Runs House. Just like how a lot of us had to get passed Wheelchair Jimmy. Lol.


  10. Kaye Kaye

    I like it…know what I love it


  11. jay_juvenile

    whats wit all the hating?.. i don’t get it..really?.. its HOT.. as in no excuse here.. it is H.O.T… so y are people hating?


  12. chaise

    i think any song he do is great this one is just something from what he usaly does but its great i <3 it


  13. chaise

    n yaa what is with all the hateing


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