50 Cent Tours Somalia with the United Nations on ‘Nightline’ [Video]

50 Cent

50 Cent may be known for his explicit lyrics and tough persona, but he showed a softer side during his recent trip to Somalia. The do-gooder traveled with “Nightline” to the poverty-stricken country on a humanitarian mission for the United Nations World Food Program.

The former drug dealer, whose Street King energy drink raises money to feed impoverished nations, was at a loss for words as he toured the refugee camp and saw malnourished women and children. During his visit, he played with the kids, danced, and served meals to them. But when they asked him to sing one of his hits, he got shy.

“I want to be more, not just as an artist but as a person,” said the rapper, whose manager calls him the “hip-hop Bono.” “I don’t want to just be a guy whose remembered for writing a few cool songs.”

50 is not concerned if his new mission doesn’t match his dangerous image. “I don’t care if my audience is prepared to move forward with me,” he shared. “They may not necessarily be growing at the same pace.”

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  1. Capon

    God bless him


    olkainry Reply:

    @Capon, +1, this is swag.


  2. XO till we overdose

    if only he could rap more about this stuff instead of guns and women, then maybe i’d actually listen to his music. good job for doing this 50!
    and yeah it would’ve been pretty awkward if he rapped about killing people to kids living is somalia….


  3. Tony

    that’s more like it


  4. Hannah

    I rate this man soo much.


  5. Deqa

    my home land! i love you 50 XX


    ayaan Reply:

    @Deqa, LOL i thought i was the only somali person in here lol


  6. jeffry

    Major, this nigga is better than bono in this direction.


  7. Acmain



  8. Esi53

    I actually like this new 50. He’s more human now.


  9. w

    this is mmamy nigga 50 cent


  10. carolyn

    It was touching watching this man facing such devastating human need. I’m grateful for his compassion & empathy. I’m hoping he will go on to have a profound positive effect on millions of people.



    That’s a man growing up… That’s a man finding his inner peace and trying to make sure what he leaves behind is remembered correctly….


  12. Maha246

    Soooo much ratings!! Gwaaaan 50!! #teamsomalia


  13. V.I.C.

    I love him for going back HOME.


  14. So Odd

    We’re watching 50 grow up. @XO looks like he’s turning a page. It’ll benefit you if you did the same.

    Good job Fif, now get these other self serving pseudo Rap Artist to do the same. Maybe we’ll get some real music and true creativity instead of the regurgitate SWAG.


  15. Hugh

    Love SK


  16. s

    50 is king


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