Diddy Celebrates Oscar Win for ‘Undefeated’ Documentary

Rich Middlemas, Diddy, T.J. Martin, and Dan Lindsay

Everything Sean “Diddy” Combs touches turns to gold. The music mogul scored another victory when Undefeated, the documentary he executive produced, won at the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

“Holy shit!!!!” tweeted Diddy after the football film picked up the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature at Sunday’s show. “God is the greatest!!!! Thank you! #undefeated !!!! I am buggin.”

The film’s directors T.J. Martin and Dan Lindsay, along with producers Rich Middlemas, Glen Zipper, Ed Cunningham, and Seth Gordon, went on stage to accept the award and later posed backstage with their jubilant executive producer.

“Dreams do come true!!!!! #undefeated !!!! Let’s go!!!” added Diddy, who received an outpouring of support from his peers and Twitter followers.

The Bad Boy CEO got involved with the movie after meeting with Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. “When I was coming up and I went to high school, it was my dream to be a football player, and I broke my leg in the last day of camp,” Diddy told “ET.” “The movie really moved me in a personal way, but it could touch people in so many other ways.”

He celebrated the win by partying into the early morning at the Vanity Fair and Weinstein Company Oscar after-parties.

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  1. Mia

    Too bad he doesn’t actually get an award. All he did was executive produce aka fund & help promote the film AFTER it was completed. So, no award for him. Still cool, tho.


  2. Youdontknowmyname

    Congratulations Diddy!!! I’m so proud of you :). Wow you are a true mogul.


  3. Jaymalls

    Can’t even hate on this man… He raised the bar a while ago for black people… Yea I said it! He showed us that we can be cool and still be about our business… He showed jay-z, Birdman, etc that you can rap and own your own masters along with a few jets and mansions while spilling champagne in an island!!!


  4. Lisa

    Even though he didn’t actually win an award, it’s still an accomplishment because he believed in the documentary.


  5. Rap*

    He got hard being around all those men. lol


  6. reasonable doubt

    Diddy got an oscar and aint did shiit…lmao I swear these awards shows know how to depreciate their value


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