Video: Brianna Perry – ‘Reality Show’

Brianna Perry

Brianna Perry gets real in the video for “Reality Show,” a cut off her mixtape Face Off. The 20-year-old Florida femcee flips through channels watching shows such as “Basketball Wives,” “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” and “Love & Hip-Hop,” as she compares her life to the on-screen drama. The college student stays focused on her studies at the University of Miami and rocks with her band in a white room. Don’t touch that remote.

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  1. Jordan

    I like her


    Harmony2 Reply:

    @Jordan, Me 2… still waiting 4 that hit tho… I like the singer …
    Iggy & her should collab…


  2. Brown Sugar

    Good energy!


  3. Alfonso

    she looks to much better, without that fugly a-s-s blonde wiggy weave of hers. i like the dark black hair better


  4. BLAZE

    That was tight



    Loving Bri Bri she is definitely on her grind Faceoff mixtape is everything


  6. JJ

    Her mixtape is really dope a lot of filler but she can rap and the production is strong.





  8. Ron'Do

    Omg love Bri !!!!


  9. teeezy

    she goes to the university of miami?


  10. lyfechanges

    I like her….she’s not real lyrical or anything but i like her rap style


  11. Tanni

    She’s talented .. We need her to blow up !!!


  12. Sassyandclassy

    I love it Brianna you are definitely a star classy and yo grind is gone give u the crown cause green hair and shit is starting to annoy me


  13. me

    why does she have to look like a pornstar?


  14. me

    why does she have to like a p0rnstar?


    me Reply:

    @me, *look like


  15. H-Town

    Fresh, ready for an album. Talent here.


  16. yourboycelebrity

    If any of you females are looking for a Role Model in female MC’s its deff Bri….. What rap chick you know signed with a major record label at 13 Decided to Graduate college first then persue Music when she had a Degree? Brains And Beauty!!


  17. GooGle

    Dammmm She knows how to spit bars ….
    Loving that preview of ‘Super Kim ‘ ….
    And Loving the fact that she Got her education straight then came out to play …

    Lets Goo!!! Bri


  18. drifter

    She does have bars,the faceoff mixtape is lava!!


  19. M

    Nice sound… & NO TECHNO :)


  20. Hugh

    She is really beautiful

    Nice song too


  21. Goldy kills S.E.K

    So sexy I love you Bri.


  22. Logic

    she cool…its room


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