Video: D-WHY – ‘Macchiato Music’


D-WHY grabs his passport and heads to Italy in the picturesque video for “Macchiato Music,” the first official single off his upcoming mixtape Don’t Flatter Yourself. The West Virginia University grad, who earned a spot on’s 10 Artists to Watch, shows off his sharp skills and style as he performs the T-Minus-produced song against the beautiful backdrop of Venice. The 23-year-old lyricist navigates the canals in a gondola and models his designer wardrobe in cafes and colorful alleyways. But shooting the Rex Arrow-directed clip wasn’t as glamorous as it looks.

“Savings accounts were emptied, frequent flier miles were used up, and nine days were spent adventuring throughout four countries,” explained D-WHY. “We slept on floors, got cursed at in foreign languages by hotel maids, spent the night in airports, dealt with border security, and of course, got crazy looks while shooting all of the videos completely guerilla-style with no permits or licenses.”

Voyage to Venice with the hip-hop freshman by watching the premiere below.

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  1. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    that sex and the city reference was dope tho


    Rap* Reply:



    Its kinda funny but its fresh.


  2. Keisha

    Loving this guy!!!


  3. brittany



  4. yourboycelebrity

    wow… this can be searious. Dude looks like a big Poser for sure!


    nichelle Reply:

    @yourboycelebrity, how is he a poser…because he his a more of a city, suburban white rapper? Because he looks like a dude who just likes to rap, rather than a white guy dripped in diamonds and “swag” clothing which would actually make him more of a poser


    sam Reply:

    @nichelle, Well said. It’s as if people still feel that for someone to be able to rap and cleverly align words he/she has to come from the ghetto. Let’s not forget that over 95% of N.W.A.’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ album sales came from white suburbia.


  5. whitechocolate

    hahaahahaha sit down now


  6. datdude

    lyrics are tight and video is sick :D its a refreshing change of scene compared to most other hip hop videos.


    tyler Reply:

    @datdude, i agree…people automatically throwin out reckless critiques all because he is REALLY DIFFERENT FOR HIP HOP…ppl are not gonna like him but when you got bars, dope lyrics and good production how can you say anything bad


  7. Elise



  8. Triniti



  9. here yee



  10. VHROOM

    This clown is from West Virginia. Inbreeding, coal mining and fiddle playing. Enough Said.

    Hip-Hop? Not in this lifetime.


  11. eddie

    @ VHROOM…Cosign, corny white bread version of drake..i can barely stand drake, gotta hear his trash everywhere and now this f$g?


  12. @iJustoriginate

    extra long intro; but I like it *thumbs up*


  13. Phoenix_Wright

    You better get it D-why! you got a new fan here


  14. draya

    damn he sexy as hell i like that for sure


  15. Rihanna Fan

    this is actually sick!!! love it.
    Kanye should sign him!!


  16. Dsabadmofo

    is this shit serious?lmfao! it looks like a parody. he may really be tryna be a rapper but his image makes it look like a complete joke….like it was meant to make people laugh. with his image he will not be taken seriously.


  17. Hugh

    Its cool


  18. rtujryu

    @VHROOM – i just spit out my coffee

    im not throwing shade for the sake of throwing shade, but he just doesnt seem authentic (& not just bc hes white).

    Negative- his accent bothers me the most- it seems so put on/fake.

    Positive – i liked the SATC line


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    [...] Video: D-WHY – 'Macchiato Music' D-WHY grabs his passport and heads to Italy in the picturesque video for “Macchiato Music,” the first official single off his upcoming mixtape Don't Flatter Yourself. The West Virginia University grad, who earned a spot on's 10 Artists to … Read more on [...]

  20. @keithrags

    Way better and more original then MGK, Mac Miller, and Yelawolf.

    He’s creating his own lane. That’s hip-hop.


  21. twoframes

    agreed!!!!!!! thank you. you couldn’t have said it better. if people check out his other videos and songs and his new lifestyle site they’ll understand that hes not some gimmick. he’s authentic


  22. Chet



  23. fuckdwhy

    D-Why is the epitome of buying your career. Average at best rapper who graduated from West Virginia has money, moves to new york, dresses like his rich old money ancestors, buys expensive production, spends large amounts on studio time and professional mixing, fly himself and at least one other person to venice, italy to shoot video.

    Come on people…dont fall for this stupid shit. This is a rich guy that wants to rap, all average like and shit.


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