Estelle Performs ‘Thank You’ on ‘Wendy’ and ‘Letterman’


Estelle celebrated the release of her new album All of Me with two high-profile TV appearances. First up, the London gal stopped by “The Wendy Williams Show” to perform her empowering single “Thank You,” accompanied by a piano and her backup singers. After changing into an elegant white gown, she poured out her heart with a second performance of the Akon-penned song on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” receiving a cupcake and a kiss from the host.

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  1. Will

    Not trying to hate or anything but Estelle is so tone deaf her voice is just bad can someone explain to me how she got a record deal like seriously smh


    This aint it Reply:

    @Will, i thought i was the only one. Her voice is horrible smh


    Laura Reply:

    @Will, Just saw her on Live with Kelly and Michael and she’s different all right. She’s tone deaf. She’s pitchy. I see your post was ages ago. She’s not gotten any better. It’s hard to understand how she happened.


  2. Triniti

    Really, Britain, this is who you shit out?


  3. eres

    different strokes for different folks. i enjoyed the performance.


  4. Joey

    wow that was beautiful! her voice is so raw and pure, loved it. I ordered the cd!


  5. FUCK U

    @Triniti, just gonna remind you we (Britain) also shit out Adele and she doing alright last time i checked wait better than well everyone


    Truth Reply:

    @FUCK U, Estelle and Adele dont even go together in the same sentence. Adele will sing circles around this chick. She is tone deaf ive never heard such a flat voice for a signed artist in my life.


  6. MusiqLover

    awe. do ya thing estelle.


  7. Meee

    Some people may not completely understand the British music scene, but I think it’s way better than the one US has. UK has more soul.


  8. ohmyFlySly

    I loved it! She different. Go head Estelle. Get yo paper, eff them haters.


  9. Tommy

    Absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see the whole DVD. Andreas and his team are srleuy the best!!! Anybody that is wondering if they should use them, don’t wonder just do it!! Thank you so much!!


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