New Music: Melanie Fiona – ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona is tired of playing games. The Canadian songbird is faced with a man who she can’t read on “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” a bonus cut from her upcoming album The MF Life, due March 20. “Make your decision/ Will it be rock, paper, scissors?/ I don’t know what you’re feeling,” sings a fragile Melanie on the soulful song.

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  1. Latonya

    This is sooooo good!!love everything melania fiona does.


  2. Carl

    LOVE IT!!!


  3. B-Rad

    I Just died… This Sounds SO GOOD!!!


  4. Redchainsaw

    I like this material way better, I didn’t like her first album as much I only listened to two song from it


  5. Darius

    One word… Timeless



    Her album is gonna be nominated for an grammy…all tracks ive heard from her sounds great


  7. Triniti

    Yessssss, Mel!


  8. Rap*

    This is great.


  9. Kyle

    Wow, first I heard “Change the Record” and now this track? Melanie is the TRUTH. I love this song and I’m glad she is putting out a deluxe version of “The MF Life.” I will be buying it NO DOUBT!!!!


  10. V.I.C.



  11. zoo_coos

    Well Rock Paper Scissors again? Another Canadian singer Kreesha Turner released a same title track just in 2011…quite confusing…


  12. xsye itwtrtez

    Good Azz Song


  13. ouy Ite

    Nice song Hope she have a better album the next time!


  14. Say word

    I loooooooooove this! I gotta get the album


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