« Lil’ Kim Touches Down at ‘Rip the Runway’

Lil’ Kim

Lil' Kim

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  1. Sharp Tongue

    #JesusTakeTheWheel say what you want ya’ll know she is looking like the joker.


  2. KOS-MOS-18

    lol she looks like Charro!


    Songstress Reply:

    @KOS-MOS-18, RIGHT !!!! lol


    nojusthenry Reply:

    bahhahahahhah co-sign…. sad smh :(


  3. plastic



  4. Isac



  5. Lovely

    smfh yea her face look ugly right now but come on we all make ugly faces


  6. fyah dyah

    jahhhhhhhhh know Kim look like the joker mixed with and old cat lady mixed with shit i cant even explain properly i’m just lmfao


  7. The realist

    Sheet! So sad how she’s destroying herself just to look white/asian/the joker etc. Something’s definitely psychologically wrong with her. Just sad


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