« Lil’ Kim Touches Down at ‘Rip the Runway’

Lil’ Kim

Lil' Kim

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  1. Blaze

    Damn! Kim Werk mama


  2. Black Butterfly

    ****Whistles**** That’s my girl!!!!!!!


  3. Songstress

    Her body is tight though ! Her face just looks like…NOT KIM !


  4. Isac

    at least the plastic surgeon she got do do hers & titts knew what he was doin


  5. Lovely

    she looks cute and her face is still cute


  6. oh no

    that guy’s not looking at her in a sexual way. he’s looking at her cos he cannot believe what the fucks she done to her face


    mary27 Reply:

    @oh no, lmaoooooooooooo now dat last comment was funny as hell @hell jo


  7. King cee

    Kim is doing it big. She’s showing nickki how to blaze the stage.


  8. samantha

    Looking Good My Friend!!!!


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