T.I. Signs Iggy Azalea, Chipmunk, and Trae Tha Truth to Grand Hustle

Chip, T.I., and Iggy Azalea

T.I. is expanding his Grand Hustle family. The King of the South has signed Australian rapper Iggy Azalea, British MC Chipmunk (now known as just Chip), and Houston’s Trae Tha Truth to his label. He introduced the newest members of the Hustle Gang during an interview with MTV News.

Iggy, who Tip calls the “Igga Monster,” explained how she linked up with the head Hustler. “Tip reached out just to meet me, to say hello, and I found a position for him conveniently where he could be used, and he was fucking with it,” said the blonde bombshell, who will drop the first single from her debut The New Classic in 2-3 weeks.

But Tip tells a slightly different story. “Her exact words were, ‘It’s very smart of you to call me because I’m going to be smashing shit for quite some time now and no one will be able to breathe if you’re not on my team.’”

Chip has already made a name for himself overseas, but connected with T.I. to help expand his presence in the U.S. “Everyone was like, you’re young, you’re 21, someone just needs to dive in at the deep end in America and just try and bridge the gap a little bit more between the cultures musically,” he said. “Tip was rocking with what I was doing, so we just linked up.”

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  1. Lou Sao

    In a couple months, Grand Hustle > YMCMB.


    TRUTH Reply:

    @Lou Sao, And I. CAN’T. WAIT.

    Welcome back, TIP. This is long overdue.


    Harmony2 Reply:



    :O youMADstayMAD Reply:

    @Lou Sao, GWERL stop! YMCMB is about to murder sh*t!


    RDK Reply:

    @Lou Sao, at least you have ymcmb in your mouth. so they did there job.


    Uh.No Reply:

    LOL. Lil’ Wayne is cross-dressing. Nicki is possessed. Drake is crying on every song. It’s safe to say that the YMCA reign is coming to a close. TIP has a much more marketable female rapper: IGGY AZALEA, which the white people will EAT UP, esp. after he makes her 10x better. TI himself is about to put out a CLASSIC … Trae the TRUTH is about to drop some hate. So later for the YMCA.


    Semi Reply:

    @Uh.No, You did NOT just steal the Possessed/Depressed/Cross Dress joke from Twitter. Lmao

    Drake, Nicki, & Tyga need to start a mutiny take over YMCMB because they’re the only ones besides Wayne that anybody is checking for.


    CarlosBonegro Reply:

    @Lou Sao, that isnt gonna happen stop it


    Roc Me Out Reply:

    @Lou Sao, totally agree about damn time they take over


    RomanReloaded4/3/12 Reply:

    @Lou Sao, Lmao, you hoes sound LAME! They will never be Young Money. Iggy is not even talented.


    Mentamir Reply:

    @Lou Sao, I like T.I., but YMCMB is solid as fuck. They’re not going anywhere, anytime soon.


  2. Genesis

    Good lineup! :)


  3. ero

    but wtf would he sign chipmunk?


    Treyy Reply:


    Because Chip is HUGE in the UK. He’s only 21, has multiple top 10 hits.


    cal Reply:

    @Treyy, he really isn’t huge in the UK at all. his last album was a tremendous flop and only sold like 9000 first week. Tinie Tempah runs the game in the UK.


    your mom Reply:

    @cal, chip is better than tinie as an mc and will always be…and his album flopped cos of his old record label for messing around with the marketing…transition is a great album with some hard stuff aswell as hits


    Daire Reply:

    @cal, chipmunk last album wasn’t a flop,it was a top 10 album with 3 succesful singles


  4. Bryan

    I’m happy for iggy, love that chick


  5. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    Someone’s calling MTV on skype


  6. Jay

    What!? Hecky yeah! Chipmunk is super underrated. I play “Champion” just about everyday. The kid is dope. And I really think there’s something special about Iggy Azalea. She’s gonna be huge. Smart move T.I.!


    da fan Reply:

    @Jay, yu nd me both, word up!!!


  7. Uh.No

    “I triple dog dare anyone one of you —- to come out …” – thus said Lisa Frank.

    Welp. IGGY took you up on that offer, and is about to TAKE. YOUR. SPOT.



  8. Alfonso

    I though my Spype was ringing lol but it wasnt it was T.I.’s interview Spype’s phone ringing sound


  9. ouy M/r/s T,

    they look like they ain’t gonna do no damn good with their album & girl suck @ rapping. want to be famous & fame


  10. your mom

    t.i signing chip is gonna make him serious money…the kid has bars and a big fanbase in england and can crack the american market


  11. da fan

    yu nd me both, word up!!!


  12. Glen

    LOL @ Chipmunk, he sucks. Tinie Tempah runs the UK Hip Hop scene right now.


  13. Truth Seeker

    Love Me Some Iggy!!!


  14. WTF

    What jacket is T.I wearing?


  15. Hugh

    Exited for someone to equal YMCMB


  16. Chill

    oh girl wack but she might pop..dont know about Chip ..Trae still the truth so..we shall see..dont 4get bout BOB. he they frontrunner!


  17. @TheYRB_Nation

    This is gonna be HUGE !!!


  18. chavaka davis a.k.a. ''Burna''

    i wanna b a part of grand hustle, and shine like da sun, i wanna meet wit da king, and bring something to the table, e-mail me, at the address shown, and lets talk business


  19. chavaka davis a.k.a. ''Burna''

    it will be a dream come true, just to have an opportunity, at least


    chavaka davis a.k.a. ''Burna'' Reply:

    @chavaka davis a.k.a. ”Burna”,


  20. TheTruthHurts!SoJustDeal

    I think the only reason people like Iggy Azalea is because she’s a sexy white girl who raps. notice i didn’t say “who can rap”? when i watch her videos, it seem’s as if she’s trying to be something she’s not. but she’s cute. not gonna lie.


  21. christ



  22. GolfWang

    GOODmusic, Grand hustle, Odd future, ROC > YMCMB


  23. Mas

    Grandhustle is d best…dey dnt sign big names lyk ymcmb and yet dey r noticed


    Os Reply:

    @Mas,and your point is?TI is a big name not everyone over at ymcmb are big names like i said what is your point.


  24. Zach



  25. Google_Me

    I do believe that T.I missed someone that needs to be sign like ( Brianna) That Female rapper knows how to spit bars …
    Fact : If he want to get Nicki MInaj out of here, she is the one !!


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