Video: Santigold – ‘Disparate Youth’


A world of wonder awaits in the tribal video for Santigold’s new single “Disparate Youth.” The Philadelphia singer travels by boat to an island where children lead her to a hidden civilization. She unlocks the power in her ring and brings the village to life, as the youth chant along to her song. Santi’s sophomore album Master of My Make-Believe arrives May 1.

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  1. I Want New Music!

    Agggggggg not available in Spain!! I need to watch it ASAP!


  2. Logic



  3. Kyle

    I seriously love this woman!!! I can’t wait until May 1st!!!


  4. ayee

    can’t f*cking see it..



    hmm, idk about song, video is coo.


  6. Hugh

    Reminds me of an Off The Wall MJ
    Even looks like him then a bit


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