Teyana Taylor Directs ‘Bad Boy’ Video in Harlem

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor was in front and behind the camera while shooting the video for “Bad Boy” featuring B. Mac and Tyga’s female rap artist Honey Cocaine in Harlem this week. The 21-year-old singer, who co-directed with Rage, shot scenes at the Vault clothing store in her hometown, showing off her toned body as she performed scenes with her bad girls and boys. Young Money’s Lil Twist even showed up to make a cameo.

Teyana also directed a video for “Make Your Move” with Wale and recently released her new single “D.U.I.” featuring Fabolous and Jadakiss. All three songs will appear on her debut EP The Misunderstanding of Teyana Taylor, available as a free download on March 12. Go behind the scenes below.


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  1. me

    hot body


    RomanReloaded4/3/12 Reply:

    @me, Slut looks like a Prostitute.


  2. Iceman

    That’s the wifey right here…got skills at rappin’, singin’, dancin, actin’…deep inside she’s so down-to-earth, sweetheart, and got a good sense a’humor too!

    Oh, and her physical ain’t bad either…


  3. Natalia K.

    I can’t wait ! I love her style !Song is hot !


  4. tr

    teyana taylor is a sagittarius like trina keri hilson nicki minaj tyra banks and lauryn london all sagittarius females have swag and they sexy beautiful.


    Iceman Reply:


    They’s all fine, but I don’t believe in all that constellations stuff. Only God can determine a person’s blueprint…no stars can.


    Kriss KRo Reply:

    @tr, idiot zodiac sign were man made i can name you just as many sagittarius’ that arent sexy. stop letting men determine your fake ass personalities… we develop our character from our genetics and our environment, not the position of the stars. grow up and be a woman of your own. stop letting the world tell you how youre supposed to act. have some dignity.


    atrck MAunz Reply:

    @tr, LMAO! That’s your problems that U don’t like TT, shut your idiot ass up


  5. @Followme @OMGItsPriince

    teyanna should marry me


  6. Insider

    Why is everything about getting money?


  7. Audrey Hepburn

    She looks nice. She’s definitely been going to the gym.


  8. atrck MAunz

    Don’t think she will get a Record deal.


  9. swagg

    Yooo thats Rich-P In There HARLEMMM


  10. Hugh



  11. RomanReloaded4/3/12

    She looks like a cheap, $2 hooker.


    Cut that Shhty out Reply:

    @RomanReloaded4/3/12, so is you look like a cheap $2 hoe with that roman reloaded name


  12. GolfWang

    she mad hot


  13. Keyenna

    Umm I dont even like the bitch I already beat her ass once and…..she aint learned yet either


  14. Brooks

    UHMMMMMMMMM Teyana does have a record deal for those who dont know Pharrell signed her :* – i swear me and her dress alike


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