Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Shyne, Diddy, & Cassie Attend Givenchy Show

Shyne, Kanye West, and Diddy

Just days before he presents his new womenswear line to the fashion world, Kanye West was front row at the Givenchy show at Paris Fashion Week. Yeezy sported a studded white sweater with stars as he soaked up some inspiration alongside Alicia Keys, who looked saintly in a white blouse and blazer with a cross hanging from her neck.

Kanye is good friends with Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci, who designed the packaging and wardrobe for the Watch the Throne album and tour. Tisci even gave the first T-shirt from Givenchy’s children’s line to Alicia and Swizz Beatz’ son Egypt.

The reunited Diddy and Shyne met up with ‘Ye outside the show and Cassie posed for portraits in all black at the after-party.

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  1. DeeJay

    Love the cross neckalace.


    scooby doo Reply:

    @DeeJay, niccas in paris smh


    Jaymalls Reply:

    @scooby doo, “Black excellence, opulence, decadence. Tuxes next to the president, I’m present. I dress in Dries and other boutique stores in Paris.” – Jay-Z

    “Domino, domino Only spot a few blacks the higher I go What’s up to Will, Shoutout to O That ain’t enough, We gon need a million more!” – Jay-Z


  2. Shaytan

    Tell that whore to take that white cape off. She’s only allowed to wear creme!


    Face Reply:

    @Shaytan, There is no whore on this page. You must have meant your mother.


    Yummy Reply:

    @Face, i’m lmaooooo ova here……thx u!!!


    Sonya Reply:

    @Shaytan, Let it go. You sound like a fool.


    Tim Reply:

    @Shaytan, Don’t you know she can wear whatever kind of cape she wants because she is the REAL Superwoman. Much love to Ms Keys. Beautiful.


  3. soCarly

    that awkward moment when you wish kanye and alicia swished shirts


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  5. 0RI

    Alicia Keys & Kanye = <3

    I love both of their music!! I will tell my future kids about them :)


  6. Deqa

    Kanye west is always so sexy!!


  7. maa

    anybody else thinks that alica looks a little… re re… not all the way there


    melissa Reply:

    @maa, leave her alone she looks beautiful


    Karen Reply:

    @maa, No, I guess you’re the only re… re…


  8. newkicks

    didnt know kanye was tatted tho


    illerbrown Reply:

    @newkicks, obviously you didn’t see through the wire or jay z h to the izzo


  9. Rap*

    weird cross alicia.

    ever since the jesus diss song with jay, i feel weird about her.


  10. truebozz

    WTF is alicia keys wearing??? why is she being influenced by illuminati sht?? thats what you get to being around too much Ye and Jay.. devils white man music..


    huhhu Reply:

    @truebozz, can you please explain specifically what this has to do with illuminati? specifically…because you just threw a wild accusation. please explain yourself


    Trey J Reply:

    @truebozz, i used to believe in illuminati.. even researched it until people like this idiot starting making a mockery out of it by calling everything he doesnt like “illuminati” with no basis. i guarentee this fucker knows about illuminati is from mediatakeout and the internet. fucking loser. you will never get a response of to why he just mentioned illuminati… its almost like an idiot reflex. my auti has a cross just like that and she wears it to church every sunday.this guy saw spikes and decided that that meant illuminati. yet he doesnt even know what that shit was supposed to me. what a fucking embarrassment.


    Code Red Reply:

    @Trey J, “idiot reflex” LMAO!LOL! U just killed me!!!


  11. Anita

    Keep shining Alicia.<3


  12. Yummy

    They both look beautiful! Keep killin ‘em….


  13. ThankMeLater

    Alicia looks beautiful and I love her outfit <3


  14. stfu

    for the love of god shyne never take your hat off again


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  16. bijan

    cassie and alicia look great


  17. IM_ME

    am i the ONLY one who sees how CRAZY shyne looks!


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  19. Amit

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