New Music: Bow Wow f/ Ace Hood – ‘We Going Hard’

We Going Hard

Bow Wow flashes his cash and blasts the competition on “We Going Hard,” a collaboration with Ace Hood off his Cash Money debut Underrated, now due April 10. “Me and my ni**as, we goin’ hard/ My money stacked, we livin’ large/ Count it up, how much is that?” he boasts on the Cardiak production, while Ace Hood keeps it true to the streets with his bold bars. “You sleepin’ on me, homie, you’ll die in pajamas.”

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    If this is what Bow Wow is still talking about after 2472379187 years, then yeah definitely a flop.


    @Lewis_Bennett Reply:

    @BOOKED, Agreed, really want him to set off though but I doubt its gonna happen with this album. YMCMB are signing to many people, prefer the old YMCMB


  2. Yeah

    i’ll pass


  3. Music Lover

    Dope record. Hopefully this be a hit in the streets and pop off in the club.

    Bow needs a hit to set off this Underrated Album.

    Hopefully this record can break through for him.


  4. Frank

    not an original bone in bow wows body


  5. HeavyHeavy

    I used to be a die hard bow wow fan but his lyrics aint doing it…he raps about the same thing money money and sex….gimmie stun diff, stun a lil deeper some diversity..Bow is only gonna be a success if he jumps back on his rnb rap cause we all know he aint street since he been rich since he was like 8 loool


    Mentamir Reply:

    @HeavyHeavy, I don’t have a problem with him using money and sex as his main concepts, because he actually lives that lifestyle. My problem is his lack of lyricism. He’s using the same lines over and over again. Nothing is worse than predictable rhymes! I want to be surprised and challenged. I like it when a track leaves me thinking…


  6. jay_juvenile

    lool ace hood killed bow wow on his own track! haha!


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  8. Mentamir

    I know for a fact that they can do better than this.


  9. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    I’m soo over bow wow’s life right now, retire


  10. Questionz

    That mash potatoes line was the weakest line of the century. Is this all bow wow got?

    Bow wow dont seem genuine when he delivers either. I think da kid rep destroyed his future.


  11. Triniti

    And now, I’ve lost what little respect I had for Ace Hood.


  12. ughreally

    Can’t wait for his new album

    ” How you broke & trapping?, must be hustling backwards”

    Ace Hood , as usual has some weak lines….like ‘pajamas’? Soft punchlines ugh. Bow had a weak line too with ‘mashed potates’, but Bow Wow sounds good on this beat.


  13. shell

    bow wow there is no hope.. 1. you with ymcm 2. nobody is checking for you. 3. hell you was a more decent rapper when you was younger…….. advice just stick to movies bow wow and raise your kid…. this shit was lammmmmmmmmmmme.


  14. ScribeCash

    Just a house party sound a like he’s good but he can do better then that


  15. Jay

    Yawn. another track about money.
    Is this rap now for the rest of time now? is this the best people can come up with?
    Bow Wow, sit down. Ace Hood showed you up on your own track, I think that is the biggest hint anybody can take to retire from the music industry.


  16. Ice

    Hate this sound, this sounds like everything Maybach Music puts out.


  17. Lou

    Anybody else get the feeling he really looks up to T.I.? He even kinda flows like him. ?_?


  18. Lisette

    Really good blog. keep it up!


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