Video: Neon Hitch – ‘Love U Betta’

Neon Hitch

Neon Hitch makes her electrifying debut in the titillating video for “Love U Betta” (also known as “Fuck U Betta”), the first single from her upcoming album Beg, Borrow, and Steal. The orange-haired temptress, who is featured on Gym Class Heroes’ single “Ass Back Home,” shows off her smokin’ body as she rolls around in black paint, flirts with a mannequin look-alike, and dances provocatively on a tombstone in the Chris Applebaum-directed clip. You’ll need a cold shower after watching this.

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  1. bixie

    love it i love her feels like i been waitin for years for this :)


    Dizzle Reply:

    @bixie, Mmmm loving her, she should do a song with nicki minaj, would be a could combo


  2. Beyonce is desperate

    Leotards are so 2008 and so is this video


  3. Rap*

    Another illuminati…



    ick. Reply:

    @Rap*, i couldn’t agree more.


  4. nicoyuki

    Love neon, I have been waiting for her to a video for this or owl. Hopeful owl is next.


  5. nicoyuki

    Mean poisoned with love


  6. Hmmmmmm

    Besides the Illuminati symbolism, mannequins and One-Eye shit, I want to f*ck the shit outta her lol. Song is dope no doubt, but it just feels like the video is pointless. Lol. But I damn sure could watch it all day lmaoo. Illuminati Puppet that I’d love to :X


  7. Kev

    Who gives a f*ck about that illuminati s*it. Neon Hitch can get it!


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  9. Felipe

    I totally want her to “love” me better


  10. AnthonyB

    Oh la la! Très sexy.


  11. Skrillz



  12. Young lucci

    Anybody seen the last shogun? The movie wit the famous words ” kiss my converse”. This girl remind me of the white singer in that movie that they were trying to produce in the beginning of the movie that had no talent just backing. She is pretty though maybe she could work in Reno nv as a blackjack dealer at harrahs after dark!


  13. 3ric19

    I love her so much betta betta betta betta betta betta yay!!!!! XD So AWESOME!


  14. whitechocolate

    Her ass is on point. So sexy.


  15. Audrey Hepburn

    Not feeling her sound or her look.


  16. justsayin



  17. Popcritic



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