Melody Thornton Reveals ‘P.O.Y.B.L’ Cover Art, Tracklisting


Melody Thornton spreads her wings and flies solo on her mixtape P.O.Y.B.L, an acronym for Piss On Your Black List. The former Pussycat Doll exposes her battles in love, music, and faith on the “soul-pop” offering, which incorporates instrumentals from the ’60s and ’70s.

In addition to the single “Sweet Vendetta” and remake of Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild” (“Lipstick&Guilt”), the 10 tracks consist of five remakes and four originals all written by Melody.

The project includes production from Andre Harris (“Smoking Gun”), Church and State (“Sweet Vendetta”), Mark Vinten (“Intro”), and Melody on the self-produced “Hit the Ground Runnin’,” plus a duet with Bobby Newberry (“Bulletproof”).

Piss On Your Black List has nothing to do with being a rebel or fighting against anything. It has everything to do with fighting for myself,” explained Melody. “It’s clever with attitude. It’s kind of funny and gets a strong reaction; all things that, at times, describe my art.”

P.O.Y.B.L will be available for free download on March 15.

P.O.Y.B.L Tracklisting

1. “Intro”
2. “Sweet Vendetta”
3. “Lipstick&Guilt”
4. “Smoking Gun”
5. “Loving You Better”
6. “Crazy Mixed Girl”
7. “The One That Got Away”
8. “Bulletproof” feat. Bobby Newberry
9. “Someone to Believe”
10. “Hit the Ground Runnin’”

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  1. Priscila

    So Proud of you @MelodyThornton <3 I will support you forever


  2. Terrance Prescott Barnes

    …so freaking awesome; going to get this on March 15 hopefully!! Melody Thornton represent!!


  3. Jameis

    I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for Melody to fly solo. Her vocals just can’t be denied. Bring on March 15th


  4. Idea

    where’s you and i?


    Jam Reply:

    @Idea, “You and I” is actually the track, “Hit the Ground Running” :)


    Idea Reply:

    @Jam, really? how do you know?


  5. Veronika

    I miss you & i but I am sooo excited, have no words for it


  6. Ello

    Great music is coming.


  7. Nic

    Instrumentals from 60′s and 70′s? I’m excited to hear it, goin back to that good music.


  8. Andre W.

    Melody finally putting out her music! Very proud. Time to show the public she’s more than just a Pussycat Doll! (not that that’s a bad thing, loved PCD).


  9. Mmm Kay

    Love this girl! She has such a cool style!


  10. Dania

    You’re hometown and fellow classmates ie. me.. Support you every step of the way and will be downloading this mix ASAP!! Xoxo


  11. Kyle

    I seriously love that cover and the meaning behind the album title, LOL! I love Melody and I can’t wait to hear what she is cooking up on this mixtape. I feel like mixtapes are the new way to present your music and kind of get your name out there. Melody, Dawn, Kalenna, Teyana Taylor, and more have/will be releasing mixtapes this year. I’m not complaining…


  12. Songstress

    YESSSSSS !!!!!


  13. KOS-MOS-18

    Melody and Kimberly were always my fave dolls, they’re amazing :)



    I’m soooo exited !!!
    sad that You and I won’t be on this mixtape but exited to hear the others ! i was waiting for HIT THE GROUND RUNNING since the Ween awards !!


  15. Malia

    go girl! So proud of you! Love ya!


  16. Daniel

    awe!!!! =[ Where is “You and I” /: I’m so happy for you Melody but I realllly wanted that song so bad!


  17. LaMont

    I’m looking foward to this.


  18. Detric Thornton

    Im so proud that melody is finally gonna get to shine on her own, keep up the good work Melody were all behind you!!! Love ya.


    Kandi Reply:

    @Detric Thornton, She really is the best


  19. Delia

    She’s gonna work it! I know it! :)


  20. Neon

    Melody Thornton all the way


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    [...] via Rap-Up [...]

  22. Kandi

    This girl is bad!! Loving her since pussy cat dolls! Can’t wait to hear the mix tape, she’s on Fire!! Goooo melody, keep the Faith!!


  23. Kandi

    Love you melody, you were always my favorite!! Bad voice you have, and your beauty makes it all better. Goooooo melody


  24. From the Reynolds fam

    You go melody!! Can’t wait for your new songs!! Your voice is like sugar in my Tea!! If anybody deserves it , you surly soo!!! Keep doing yo thang girl!!! The best in the west west yal!!!


  25. Natori

    Love melody , she has a beautiful voice


  26. Chris&fred

    She has set the bar with her baaaad self!!! Love her voice, we need to more music from her!!! I can’t wait for her mix tape!!!!


    Detric Thornton Reply:

    @Chris&fred, Awesome she is


  27. Hugh

    Looking forward to it

    Lots of good mixtapes out now


  28. Niccy

    I’m so proud of her!



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