Rita Ora Celebrates No. 1 U.K. Single, Performs First Solo Show

Rita Ora

Rita Ora’s career is off to a great start. The Roc Nation singer already has a No. 1 single in the U.K. with “Hot Right Now,” her dance collaboration with DJ Fresh. She celebrated its success and thanked her supporters in her fifth video diary.

“We’re No. 1! I’m so happy,” said the blonde Albanian. “I want to congratulate DJ Fresh and thank him for putting me on this, and I’m so happy that it’s gone to No. 1 because it deserves to. It’s a great song and I hope everyone likes it.”

She also hit the streets of London for a photo shoot, posing in a telephone booth and chasing a double decker bus down the street. Plus, check out some footage from her first solo gig, where she performed her new singles “How We Do (Party)” and the Drake-penned “R.I.P.”

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  1. Deqa

    I love Her!!


  2. flawda

    Very humble chick and talented, i wish her all the best. I also think the more people get to know her, the sooner she will separate herself and the baseless comparison’s will stop.


  3. illerbrown

    lets go London


  4. listen

    i don’t see her blowing in the states. sorry.


    coolio Reply:

    @listen, If I was signed, I wouldn’t want to be famous in the states. You americans take everything that’s good about music and turn it into shit. I’d rather go underground than become one of those trashy mainstream artists.


    andres Reply:

    @coolio, ur right the us music market is the worst so picky. thats why artists do better overseas! who cares about the states the music that has gone to the top all suxx. just sayin


  5. cougheesista

    not really feeling her but I think she MIGHT have a voice… Her bleached hair is a lil offensive!!!!


  6. Winston Churchill

    “We’re No. 1! I’m so happy,” said the blonde Albanian

    ^ did you really have to point out shes albanian? lmao thast so stupid to type out.


    Bill Reply:

    @Winston Churchill,

    No one had to point out anything and there’s nothing wrong in mentioning her ethnicity. You should try to concntrate on the subject of the article instead.


  7. jb

    Nice voice…


  8. samed krasniqi



  9. ari

    wher do you see the problem that is mentioned she is albanian I think you don’t like albanian people,rita ora we are proud that you are from albania


  10. cadi

    we love you rita….albania<3


  11. manu

    OMG! I’ve been hearing SO much about her and I’m unelrwheemdd.I’m sure RocNation is trying to market her as the next Rihanna meanwhile this song iz a Nicole Sherzinger/Pussycat Doll reject.I’m done bashing where’s the submit button?


  12. Ramal

    great work! im in complete awe to see this dneoisimn of yours n that too so well-etched n honest to the core. Today,i feel proud being an avid n dedicated listener of the songs which are written by someone who has such in-depth knowledge of our literature. you’ve made me a very proud person today!THANKS for doing this.


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