Jay-Z Reps Brooklyn, Blue Ivy Carter at ‘Amex Sync Show’ at SXSW


With his wife and baby back home in New York, Jay-Z journeyed to Austin, Texas, to headline the “Amex Sync Show” at South by Southwest. After sipping a glass of wine, the hip-hop king stormed the stage at Austin City Lights to his Black Album cut “What More Can I Say.” Rocking a Leroy Jenkins snapback on his head and Nike Air Yeezy 2s on his feet, he performed hit after hit from his expansive catalog for 80 minutes straight.

“All the parents in the house make some noise one time,” Blue Ivy Carter’s father said after performing “Glory” dedicated to his two-month-old daughter. “That might be a first parent shout-out at a rap show.”

He also shouted out Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and Michael Jackson (“The greatest who ever did it”) during “Izzo (H.O.V.A.).”

“I’m not going anywhere else,” said the Brooklyn boy before closing with “Encore.”

Throw your diamonds up and watch the rebroadcast below.


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  1. da ROC

    too sweet, Papa Hov


  2. kidkei

    Dude is Simply ILL — There’s HIP – HOP at its GREATEST RIGHT NOW!


  3. Brionna



  4. N2deep

    “its H-O, light up the dro, ya’ll should right a book on how to study my (bounce) flow”


    N2deep Reply:

    @N2deep, *write*


    jackswagger Reply:

    @N2deep, oh yeah i remember this line, its from some beyonce song right i think. he kills it


  5. illerbrown

    Hov The God MC


  6. EmChick

    He is good but Eminem is better


    TRA Reply:

    @EmChick, Eminem is a better rapper, but Jay-Z has made better albums than Eminem and won more Grammy Awards than Eminem up to this point.


    KaramelKisses Reply:

    @TRA, Honestly, Em’s flow is not better than Jay Z’s. The world fell in love w/ Em because he was NOT another Vanilla Ice … love Em though!


    I Reply:

    @KaramelKisses, co-sign^^


    RealIssh Reply:

    @EmChick, How’s Em better ? His flow can’t touch Hov’s .


  7. victor .. RaUll



  8. hovfan

    its the roc homie hovaaaaaaaaaaa


  9. FTW

    The audience sucks.
    Drop those fucking cameras and enjoy and jump to the music !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. Kaurrecsha



  11. ROC_SPOT



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