New Music: Cam’ron – ‘F**k You’

Fuck You

If you’re going through a bad breakup, you’re not alone. Cam’ron grabs his “kicks, boots, suits, and reptiles” and hits the road on “Fuck You,” a kiss-off anthem off his upcoming album More Gunz, Less Buttah. “Why you gotta be Debo?/ ‘Cause in my pants girl, I got a big ego,” he tells his lady while exchanging expletives over a sped-up sample.

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    NO 1, & i MEAN NO 1 is Checking for Cam’ROn I’m Sorry. i Came on this post cause i felt bad it ha ‘No Comments’


    Tiffany Reply:

    @HONAYBOO, LOL awwwww hun xx


  2. Munchkin

    Cam’Ron Needs To Step It Up If He Wanna ComeBack & Sell Like He Use To
    Good Song Though


  3. CHuckt0wn

    this song is great for a mixtape. the height of camron’s career was when he was with the ROC


  4. Kaurrecsha

    Never heard of him SO WHO is he


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