Video: Diplo f/ Nicky Da B – ‘Express Yourself’


Diplo shakes things up in the booty-ful video for “Express Yourself,” the New Orleans bounce-inspired single off his upcoming EP, due in May. The super-producer, who has crafted hits for Chris Brown, Beyoncé, M.I.A., and Usher, sits on the sidelines and lets New Orleans bounce rapper Nicky Da B run the show, twerking for the camera all over town. Stop, now make that motherfu**er Hammer time.


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  1. Redchainsaw

    Ass shaking is taking over this generation


    ms_ta_ta Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, yes it is….


  2. MH

    The beat is crazy but idk how to feel about the song or the video…lol.


  3. Spencer

    strangely.. I like this


  4. Laz

    Ghetto Faboloso


  5. Sam from FL



  6. DJInVincible74

    I really like this song but this video is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen since The Hills Have Eyes.


  7. Flohno

    Gotta love appropriation!


  8. rustylazer

    @flohno, it’s called “collaboration”


    SdotB Reply:

    @rustylazer, uhhh, i don’t think that’s what he meant…


    Sam from FL Reply:

    @rustylazer, Idiot


  9. JUDGE

    hahahaha i bet you that whole video STANK! nice beat tho


  10. jacques francois

    unless you’re from New Orleans (my home) then I really don’t think you’d truly APPRECIATE Bounce music at all. It’s bass heavy, call & response, filled with repetitive slang that makes your body “move like a snake!”. It’s NOT buffoonery, it’s the authentic culture of my ultra colorful city. Not only do I dig the song/vid, but I appreciate Diplo for collaborating with the locals that keeps the city on it’s “tippy, tippy toes!” YOU HERRRD MEHH!!” lol!


  11. Lisa

    Diplo is sexy. Love the song and am shaking my booty to it as we speak.


  12. Fly Sly

    but is he gay?


  13. Angel

    Wtf is this?


  14. hip hop is dead

    -_- whats with the dudes?? is this the new thing?? 2012 is the end of the world


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