Brandy and Monica Brave ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Visit VH1’s ‘Big Morning Buzz’

Brandy and Monica

Brandy and Monica were in for a rude awakening when they stopped by Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” to promote their new single “It All Belongs to Me.” The prodding hosts replayed Ray J’s infamous tirade against Fabolous as Brandy closed her ears. Charlamagne also grilled the singer-actress about her relationship with Kim Kardashian, the fatal car accident she was involved in, and made a comment about her mouth that made her uncomfortable. “I’ve never been this nervous a day in my life,” said Brandy.

But that wasn’t all. The invasive conversation turned to Whitney Houston’s death, their financial situation, Monica’s Twitter stalker, past relationships, and cyber bullying.

The ladies also hit up VH1’s “Big Morning Buzz Live” where they played a game inspired by “It All Belongs to Me.” They picked items out of a box and said which of them it belonged to. Monica held a photo of her cousin Ludacris and Brandy grabbed a copy of her favorite video game “World of Warcraft.”

Watch both interviews below.

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  1. lotus

    Monica is such a realist. They didnt really go there with Mo and now i understand why #respect


    True Story Reply:

    @lotus, Charlemagne really asked Brandy what that mouth does i was shocked i cant believe he asked her that. So inapropriate smh





  3. A

    Two Eleven


    “You all are not ready”






  5. Blaze

    So love them can’t wait to buy both albums an see them on Tour


  6. Blaze

    New Life 4/10/12 Two Eleven June support these R&B QUEENS


  7. Layla

    He didn’t go there with Mo because she’s obviously married. This fool doesn’t respect anything,I’m pretty sure he doesn’t respect his own mother! he’s a real piece of sh*t,it’s all over his ugly face!

    #twoeleven #July #BRANDY


    THE MALEZ Reply:

    @Layla, And Monica: new life (april 10th).. Supourt BOTH!


    Bluiee Kaurecsha Reply:

    @Layla, you damn Right about that


    Belle L Reply:

    @Layla, #RealTalk couldnt have said it better myself !!!!


  8. 2BAD2BME

    if you notice they never speak of 50 Cent, Kanye West, or Floyd Meyweather that way…they are some skirts 4real


  9. Jay

    Ok. All these interviews are just making me love Monica and Brandy so much! They are so real and honest. It’s so cool to hear them talk about back then how their really was no beef. I remember back in the day when that song came out and everyone was taking sides. I remember believing that the beef was true. That’s why you gotta find out the truth about someone first, before you believe what others have to say. I really LOVE that advice, everything doesn’t need a response. I love hearing both of their advice. And Monica you betta preach!! hehe ;) Great interviews. I am getting both of their albums for sure! :)


  10. true love

    Charlamagne is a mess but he make the show. I didn’t like him at first.


  11. Bluiee Kaurecsha

    Can’t wait until their Album come out


  12. Kyle

    Brandy and Monica are both so well spoken. I liked a lot of their responses. As for Charlamagne, I really hope someone clocks him in the face someday. He can be funny sometimes but I think he makes a lot of their guests uncomfortable. Brandy was clearly not her normal bubbly, outspoken self during that interview. She should’ve spit in his face or kicked him in the balls when he asked about her mouth. That would’ve made him think twice about the next time he’d ask that.


  13. juicybear

    i love these interviews so much!! Brandy is sweet as pie & Monica is just great to chat with. She always has an opinion. Looking 4ward to both their cds! 2.11


  14. BrandyMonica



  15. NikkiIsChillin

    Loved both interviews. I will definately be supporting both ladies.


  16. Rap*

    Monica is the realest and while i love brandy, u can tell somethings fake and insecure about her. Idk


  17. H-Town

    Glad these two are doing their thing. Monica always keeps it real and hold her ground respectively. Dude was wrong for what he said, but Brandy need get to a place where she hold her ground respectively.


  18. kiddontplay

    OmG!!!Someone just called Brandy fake!!!Really! Brandy doesn’t come across to me as fake! ShY yeah and besides she was in there being totally disrespected, when she should’ve been most respected!!!Why whould you play a Ray J phone conversation for a Brandy&MOnica promotion!That was so uncalled for! I mean Brandy doesn’t try to be hard and do all that extra talking! She answered the Questions and that was done! Even checked the ugly face dude after he called Kim K a hoe! She was the most realiest to me! When that came up, Brandy could’ve said some other things! But she kept it real! So RAP* ease up off the First “Black Princess”< and if she was insecure she wouldn't have set in that interview after she was disrespected not once but three times! Brandy Norwood AKA Cinderella is legend! You can tell how humble she is! Monica is just a southern Girl, that's how a southeren woman acts! Brandy is a southerngirl as well just raised in Cali! I mean the two ladies are young and legends!!!Clapp for them don't down play one for the other!!!!!Brandy not being disrespectful to Monica, has always shown more talents and vocally can do anything!!!!!But both ladies are SUPER!!!


    [email protected] Reply:

    @kiddontplay, Well said


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