Ashanti Dishes on Album Title, Keyshia Cole Duet, & ‘Coach Carter 2’

Melanie Fiona

Ashanti touched down at Philly radio station Power 99 for a candid conversation in front of a live audience. The “Woman You Love” singer spoke about turning down seven offers from major labels to launch her own label Written Entertainment, her long talk with Ja Rule before he went to prison, and reuniting with Irv Gotti for the first time since his indictment.

“It was a lot emotion, a lot of questions,” said Ashanti. “There’s no animosity between us. Time was needed to heal. … Everything is all positive. We had our black cloud and now we’re all good.”

She also explained how the Oscar-winning film Braveheart inspired her album title. “The metaphor that I took was basically in the movie you have the Europeans, you have the soliders from London and the U.K.,” she said. “They have the big horses, they have the shields, the guns, the weapons… They’re all armored up. And then you have the Scots. They’re all raggedy, homemade weapons, and paint on their faces. It’s not an even playing ground, so I feel like with the [major labels], they’re bossed up. They have the big engine and all the artists signed to them and with the indies, it’s depending. It’s homemade, it’s homegrown. It’s a lesser engine. So the metaphor I was using was being brave and putting your blood and guts into it and fighting passionately to win.”

In addition to Busta Rhymes on the lead single, she has worked with R. Kelly, Rico Love (“Perfect So Far”), and Keyshia Cole. She’s unsure if the latter collaboration will end up on her album or just Keyshia’s upcoming project. “The record is dope. I love it,” she said.

She is also in talks to reprise her role in the sequel to Coach Carter and is executive producing and starring in a movie called I Love Cinema. “The character that I play is very different for me,” she shared. “It’s a little bit more risqué, more sexy than I’ve ever been. It’s weird because she almost has a split personality. She’s a teacher, but she has one of those sides.”

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  1. hyaskway

    cute so lookin forward to this album. Ashanti one question? Yes Or No on Nelly Love you two as a couple


  2. James

    I’m amped! New album and Coach Carter 2!!! I’m on cloud 9!


  3. angel

    Damn I’m excited for Coach Carter 2!!!
    Ashanti is not playing this year can’t wait!


  4. Will

    nothing but great news here!!!


  5. LJ

    Independent artists haven’t been able to achieve a lot of success, because it is an uneven playing field.

    However, I am rooting for Ashanti. I hope she pulls it off and at least goes gold.

    Not sure how there can be a Coach Carter 2, just doesn’t make sense, but I loved the first movie so I will definitely catch the second one if it gets green-lit.


  6. Mr.NYC

    Ashanti is B-A-D.


  7. dylethat

    ashanti goin on head and do your thang because niothing cant stop you.


  8. Jay

    Awesome! Glad Ashanti is doing more movies. She’s always great in movies. And I gotta hear this duet with Keyshia Cole! :)


  9. Harry UK

    I love Ashanti but soldiers from Europe, uk and London vs the scots? So many things wrong with that! It was the English vs the Scottish ! They are both in the uk and the uk is in Europe ! I thought she was better educated then that.


    Trianna Reply:



    Harry UK Reply:

    @Trianna, Yeah in the film it was the English vs scots u dumb prick


    She_daone Reply:

    @Harry UK, Dumb bitch


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  11. Natalia K.

    omg..I love Coach Carter and I can’t wait for Coach Carter 2 :)


  12. sabrina

    We really don’t need a Coach Carter 2.


    Aditya Bose Reply:

    @sabrina, dats jus plain bullshit & u knw it…coach carter & glory road are da best basketball movies ever…


  13. Karrucsha Blueei

    Can’t wait for Coach Carter 2.


  14. Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson

    I forgot she was in Coach Carter.


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  16. wyng

    love ashanti, no one greater


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