Monica Reveals ‘New Life’ Tracklisting, Production Credits

New Life

Now married with two children, Monica embarks on her New Life with her seventh album. Due April 10, the 12-track standard edition features her duet with Brandy (“It All Belongs to Me”) and a collaboration with Wale (“Take a Chance”), plus contributions from Rico Love, Polow Da Don, Salaam Remi, Jermaine Dupri, Missy Elliott, Jazmine Sullivan, and Mary J. Blige, who appears on the intro. The Rick Ross-assisted buzz single “Anything (To Find You)” will be included on the deluxe version.

“I talk about a lot of different subjects, whether it’s love, heartache, happiness, family,” said the R&B songstress of the follow-up to 2010’s Still Standing. “The music will be a lot like Still Standing in the sense that it’s real and really about things that I’ve experienced, but it’s also from a very mature place.”

See the tracklisting and production credits below.

New Life Tracklisting

1. “New Life (Intro)” (feat. Mary J. Blige)
Written by Cainon Lamb, Anthony Randolph, Raymond Gordon, Monica Brown
Produced by Lamb for Lambo Music Group, Inc.

2. “It All Belongs to Me” (feat. Brandy)
Written by Rico Love, Earl Hood, Eric Goudy II
Produced by Rico Love, Earl & E for Division1

3. “Daddy’s Good Girl”
Written by Rico Love, Earl Hood, Eric Goudy II, Daniel Morris
Produced by Rico Love, Earl & E for Division1 & Mr. Morris for Rebel Rock

4. “Man Who Has Everything”
Written by Rico Love, Earl Hood, Eric Goudy II, Pierre Medor
Produced by Rico Love, Earl, E & Pierre Medor for Division1

5. “Big Mistake”
Written by Cainon Lamb, Anthony Randolph
Produced by Lamb for Lambo Music Group, Inc.

6. “Take a Chance” (feat. Wale)
Written by Rico Love, Earl Hood, Eric Goudy II, Olubowale Akintimehin
Produced by Rico Love, Earl & E for Division1

7. “Without You”
Written by Jamal Jones, India Boodram, Jazmyn Michel, Kesia Hollins
Produced by Polow Da Don for Zone 4, Inc.

8. “Until It’s Gone”
Written by Missy Elliott, Cainon Lamb, Jazmine Sullivan, Anthony Randolph, Thomas Bell, Linda Epstein, Scott Sterling, Lawrence Parker
Produced by Missy Elliott for Mass Confusion Productions, Inc.
Co-Produced by Lamb for Lambo Music Group, Inc.

9. “Amazing”
Written by Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, Crystal Johnson
Produced by Jermaine Dupri for So So Def Productions, Inc. & Bryan-Michael Cox for Team Idris, LLC

10. “Cry”
Written by Salaam Remi, Jazmine Sullivan

11. “Time to Move On”
Written by D. Smith
Produced by D. Smith

12. “New Life (Outro)”
Written by Cainon Lamb, Anthony Randolph, Raymond Gordon, Monica Brown
Produced by Lamb for Lambo Music Group, Inc.

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  1. draya

    Im excited monica voice is the truth, she is so real.


  2. TomTom

    Anything Salaam Remi touches is FIRE! I think Monica sounds great with Jazmine Sullivan and Missy behind her.


  3. Jay

    So glad she worked with Missy and Jazmine! Can’t wait to hear Amazing and Cry. Also, Man Who Has Everything and Big Mistake sound interesting just by the titles. Look forward to Monica’s new album! :)


  4. AmineHeavyMusik

    she’s truly awesome !! i like her voice <3



    Yes Monica still slaying a whole decade later. Hew else you know doing it R-N-B wise?


  6. BranStarMoDove 2/11 & New Life

    I can’t stress this enough to all the up and coming singers and rappers write your own material that is where the money is at in the end take Whitney Houston for example her passing made her estate wealthy again but her biggest hits were not written by her but by Dolly Parton and others.


    Dave Reply:

    @BranStarMoDove 2/11 & New Life, I agree. I am saddened that once again Monica wrote nothing on here. Her voice better carry on forever because that’s the only way she’ll really be making coins.


    listen Reply:

    @Dave, she can’t write if she’s never been a songwriter…


  7. Rap*



  8. Dave

    I wish they had the writers & producers for the deluxe edition tracks too. I’m intrigued by “In 3D.”


  9. WonderLand19

    Looks good. Hope it sounds amazing.


  10. smh

    Monica is too talented to not write her own music. 80% of the album us done by the same person it wouldn’t hurt to do it herself unless the songs she wrote didn’t make the final cut.


  11. 4RealDoe

    I can’t wait for this album! And it is a bit sad that she didn’t write anything for this album. She wrote alot on “After The Storm” and she wrote a couple songs on “Still Standing”. I’m excited that Rico Love did work with her. He gave Mary’s album the BIZNESS!


  12. TeamMonica4Eva

    Im sooooo excited about New Life, i know its gonna do well & i just cant wait.!!!!!


  13. TRP

    I’ve been wanting a monica album longer than 10 tracks, unfortunately this is 10 songs with an Intro and Outro added making 12 tracks. I don’t know what the deal is, but she’s been in the game way to long to be dropping 10 track cap albums. Give me at least 14 full songs RCA, what are you doing!

    I’ll still be supporting the project though. Anyone know if the deluxe will have additional records, and how many?


    4RealDoe Reply:

    @TRP, The deluxe addition will have 3 addidtional tracks.


  14. chrisrock

    @ TRP, the deluxe version of album will have 4 additional bonus tracks:

    13. Breathe
    14. In 3D
    15. Catch Me
    16. Anything (To Find You) Feat. Rick Ross


  15. MaZ

    I wish she would work again with dallas austin.


  16. rickie

    so what if she didn’t write, evidently the best songs made the album


    rickie Reply:

    @rickie, I jst wish she would re-shoot the album cover


    Blueei La Reply:

    @rickie, TRue


  17. Blueei La

    Can’t wait for Mo album come out Bet their are Good Song


  18. ajm265

    to those who are complaining about her writing remember singers still get paid off their vocal production… and also monica always is listed as an album producers and exec producer so she gets royalties from that also


  19. Johnathan

    Pretty disappointed at this tracklisting. Rico Love is a pretty average producer and the fact that his work is going to appear on a third of the tracks is pretty lame. Missy and Jazmine make absolutely beautiful music together, and with Missy’s past track record on Monica albums, it’s a shame that the ONE song that’ll feature production from her is a song we’ve all heard months ago. With so many delays, pushbacks, troubles, etc, it is just extremely hard for me to be excited for this album like I should be.


    Johnathan Reply:

    @Johnathan, and I also have to add that Jazmine gave the song much more feeling than what Monica provided. Oh well.


  20. yooo

    I wonder if Monica is covering Jazmine Sullivan’s “Cry” off her unreleased album,”Break My Little Heart”, when she was signed to Jive records? If so, it will be interesting to see how she interprets the melody and the runs. It’s pretty much the same ole from Monica… her style is kind of boring, and thats not saying she can’t sing because she can saaaaaaannnggg. However, her albums always fall short for me because some of the songs sounds incomplete and straight boring. I haven’t heard the album yet so I can’t judge, and yes Rico Love is hit or miss, but if he was in the same space for Monica’s sessions like he was for Mary’s “Midnight Drive”, then we are in for dope ass mid-tempos for sure bangers. Best of luck to her.


  21. Kyle

    This tracklisting has got me hyped to hear the whole thing. I will most definitely be buying the deluxe edition! I appreciate and respect Monica so much. She always just stays true to R&B and that’s why people love her. No gimmicks, just good music and that beautiful voice.








  24. djaye

    anything song with monica, JD and B. cox is always dopee


    THE MALEZ Reply:

    @djaye, rite… i smell another RNB CLASSIC!!


  25. lotus

    Monica will make sure shes paid regardless!! the girl is smart as hell!!? cant wait for my deluex and fan additions to come in!!! less than 1 month away! New Life april 10 leggo!


    yooo Reply:

    @lotus, she sure is smart. she did not attend college, but she did graduate with a 4.0 gpa from high school.. Monica knows the music business inside out and I can tell she is comfortable with her life. That’s why I always have respect for her. SHE GETS IT! It’s not always about the number one hits… its about making music that speaks to your soul. She is making the right amount of money for her to support her family and WE HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT THE INVESTMENTS SHES MADE OVER THE YEARS. Monica is smart about her business. She might have had a rough patch from 17-20, but I guarantee she had her investments set up! Keep postivity alive!


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