New Music: Travis Porter – ‘Bag Lady’ (Erykah Badu Remix)

Travis Porter

Travis Porter caters to the ladies on their remix to Erykah Badu’s 2000 hit “Bag Lady.” The hip-hop trio—Ali, Quez, and Strap—spoil their girls with designer labels and in return, they reap the rewards. “Good chemistry, we got that/ The sex so good that she bite back,” they rap. Sometimes you gotta give to receive.

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  1. Youz_a_dummy_hoe

    Wtf is this? Gwarl please.


  2. Freestyle unity

    Uhm….. They can actually flow but their style is too ghetto to be taken seriously. Why would you have the original song playing in the background if you’re gonna sample? That shit was karaoke. I hope this was a teaser or something.


  3. Logic

    the idea was good but the execution was terrible…why mess with a classic?


  4. mzbeautyqueen

    wasn’t bad as i thought it would be..i see where they were TRYING to go with it. but i agree with everybody ^^^^^^ about the song


  5. TooTAll

    Wow really!!! they totally messed up a classic.


  6. sara

    NOOOOOO not bag lady of all songs…i now hate these guys


  7. LOL

    Why do they have a record deal????


  8. Hoee Gang

    Team Travis Porter !Fuck thaa mfs that gotta hate continue doing yhall


  9. mus

    Talk about the destruction of a classic record. Some Artists have to learn not to clear every sample, have this kids messing up your ish


  10. @TheYRB_Nation

    The Way It’s Mixed is Purposely Done !
    I Like The Vibe of the Song.
    I Actually Like It.


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