New Music: Melanie Fiona – ‘I Been That Girl’ (Co-Written by Drake)

Drake and Melanie Fiona

Drake lends his pen game to Melanie Fiona on “I Been That Girl.” Drizzy writes from the female perspective on the cautionary cut off Melanie’s sophomore album The MF Life, in stores Tuesday.

She and her fellow Canadian have history together, performing as teens in the group The Renaissance. “We go back to singing in cocktail lounges and basements,” Melanie told Rap-Up TV. “We’re just both so proud of each other.”

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  1. my name is oo



  2. Oh Please

    This is boring. Not even hating.


  3. cierra

    Sounds familiar…


  4. AmineHeavyMusik



  5. Kyle

    Every song I’ve heard from her new album is beyond solid. I am definitely going to buy her album on Tuesday!


  6. zaddyant

    this is amazing ; i’m def buying a few copies of her new album ^__^


  7. CarlosBonegro

    songs well written somethings i could chill to


  8. Brown Sugar



  9. Treyy

    Melanie killed it with these low vocals! Drake too! THIS ALBUM WILL BE CRAAAAAAZY!


  10. phucku

    Coppin this album. She is one of the few recent female artist that gives me hope for the future of RnB music


    Kyle Reply:

    @phucku, AGREED!!!!


  11. dave

    classic drake lyrics and flow,melanie writes better songs by herself


  12. politicallyincorrect

    She sounds like Brandy on this track


  13. Spartenia

    Yes girl Melanie! Drizzy has that penmanship!


  14. OOL UH UH

    She sounds like Kelis on this. I love this, Mel and Drake.


  15. mus

    Yeah songs kind of boring, i love Melanie though


  16. ojie king

    sounds like drake


  17. Hugh



  18. nice aspo

    i like the fact that Drake Co wrote this and Melaine fiona took his style and incorperated in her own way is simple Amazing Music Song


  19. Ice

    Amazing track.


  20. Triniti

    Thanks for actually hopping on a track the one time I wanted you to, Drake! -_-

    Love the song, though. Great job, y’all.


  21. Achraf

    I was just read the article and i found tunshimg.”That tape led to his being featured on Trey Songz’s hit Replacement Girl, which found a huge admirer in Lil Wayne.”I think there is sumting wrong with that sentence.


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