New Music: Timbaland f/ Dev – ‘Break Ya Back’

Timbaland and Dev

It’s starting to feel like the good ol’ days again. After Missy Elliott’s return to the spotlight in J. Cole’s video for “Nobody’s Perfect,” Timbaland makes his comeback on his bass-heavy single “Break Ya Back” featuring Dev, which premiered today on Norfolk’s Z104.

The song will reportedly appear on Shock Value III. Timbo previously announced that he and Missy would both release albums in June. “It’s about to be a movement,” he tweeted.

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  1. Jay

    I miss Nelly Furtado


    Kas99 Reply:

    @Jay, WORD!! take this bootleg Nelly Furtado b*th outta here. We want Nelly


    XO till we overdose Reply:

    @Kas99, bootleg? are you serious? dev sounds NOTHING like nelly furtado. completely 2 different styles of music.
    but you nelly furtado stans wouldn’t understand.


    Replay Reply:

    @XO till we overdose, Nelly Furtado & Timbaland was the best. Dev is boring as hell… she sounds everytime same and her voice sucks if you hear it everytime in the radio…


    JR Reply:

    @Replay, i love them both and they each have their own style. Plus Dev and nelly talked on twitter before. here’s one tweet I * Favorited last year

    @NellyFurtado:”What?! Just found out @DEVisHot is Portuguese!!!! Girlllll… Got tha shivers!!!! So PROUD!”


    JLiyan Reply:

    @Kas99,WTF bootleg nelly fortado??? what fuck does that chick has to do with this???? just cus they are both purtogues?? first of all DEV is half Mexican 2nd she has a #1 song with “like a g6″ and top 5 billboard with “In the Dark” and now “Naked” with enrique i like nelly BUT WHERE IS SHE??? yeah please dont hate on DEV if you know shit about her thanks bye but for everyone else thats Diggin her her Album “THE NIGHT THE SUN CAME UP” is in stores march 27,


  2. Felipe

    I kinda like everything Timbo does


  3. Pierre King

    I love this. It has such an eerie vibe, but, playful. Grungy. 90′s. 2012 style “Promiscuous”.


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  5. knusper

    Keep that sh*t and give me “Cover’s Blown” + “Warped”… ;_;


  6. king

    ohhho man! This is fire!!


  7. Reesy

    Sorry Dev…you’re no Nelly Furtado!!!!!! NEXT


  8. Oshawhatever

    This girl Dev been tryin to make it happen….just fail everytime. Fake & doesn’t have enough personality to distinguish herself. Trying to hard & truly got nothin. Go back to ur hole.


  9. Blaze

    This is what I have been waiting for some of yall fans are so flaky yall want new music the n when it drops yall complain about who on the trak just enjoy the fucking music an support them or don’t


  10. TimboPassion

    Thank you Rap-Up for sharing this on your website! We from The Timbaland Passion appreciate it very much! Enjoy the new song!! Hopefully the CDQ version will be released, but for now keep an eye on the Timbaland scene, a lot is about to happen ;)


  11. AmineHeavyMusik

    sorry !! hate it too fucking bad !!


  12. me

    he’s back at sampling and doing good music :D


  13. Jay

    This is track is hot! I’ve never heard Dev sound like this…I like it! I’m actually really digging her flow. I’ve had her song with Enrique Iglesias Naked on repeat for months. :)

    And I agree, I miss Nelly Furtado too. I’m pretty sure she’s not trying be Nelly. Keep at it Dev. :)


    joe Reply:

    @Jay, thts wat im saying,dev is just doing her,jst bcz jerk off that posted first said that everybody followed suit,,,


  14. Steven

    This sounds like 50 cent “Im on it”


  15. imusic

    Timbo is back finally!


  16. DJInVincible74

    Love the beat on this one.


  17. Unk

    Love it finally new timbo


  18. Juan

    I miss Nelly Furtardo and Justin Timberlake. Justin Timberlake needs to show Bieber and other male pop stars how to make music. He needs to go back to making music.


  19. Kudos



  20. Hugh

    Tim the king

    Not my fav song tho


  21. clay~doh

    this is dope, and theres plenty more was this came from.


    clay~doh Reply:

    @clay~doh, ^where^


  22. ed

    sounds ok, gotta hear the HQ version though.


  23. shaunie

    V.A !!!!!!!!


  24. nice aspo

    break ya back rather someone break ya back hater amazing song both is amazing.


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