Behind the Video: M.I.A.- ‘Bad Girls’


M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” video earned praise from everyone from Rihanna to Tyler, the Creator upon its release last month. Now the pop rebel takes us behind the scenes of the brilliant clip, shot in Ouarzazate, Morocco. Director Romain Gavras drew inspiration for the high-speed scenes by watching YouTube videos of Saudis drifting on two wheels.

“Maya and I have had this video concept in mind for a while since we’ve worked on ‘Born Free,’” said Gavras. “We stumbled upon these videos on YouTube. We were mesmerized.”

M.I.A. added, “It was like the coolest shit I had ever seen.”

“The idea was to compile Arabic references—fantasized or not—into a pop video,” explained Gavras. “Pop videos usually show American kids in their element. Here you got Arab kids in an insane car rodeo element.”

The documentary-style clip includes commentary from the stunt car drivers, crew, and local residents who were on set.

Gavras acknowledges that it will be hard to top himself. “It will be hard to make something as grandiose as this. Next video needs to be shot on the moon.”

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  2. JustSayin..

    m.i.a is the ish! thatisall..


  3. 4real



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  5. Fa

    Dear M.I.A.,

    This is a love letter.

    Not too long ago I came to one of your shows where you were dropping rhymes with my best friend on your shoulder live on stage. Not too long ago you represented a group of people that were overlooked , unheard and underrated: The young immigrants!

    Not too long ago(before you moved to NY) you said you made your own clothes. You were a sister! Too cool to care about whats out there. Whats in fashion or whats right for the others…
    In the US people did not know who you were. And I believe u did not give a f$£@ either…

    I don’t want to say goodbye to your careere.
    The “duet” with Madonna was the end of your credibility as an artist and your last chance to sell lots of records. You missed Madonna by 20 year from the time when she was on her prime!

    You probably heard from many advisors that your careere will be over after u worked with Madonna! This happened to so many people before you, but you still wanted to do it!

    I am old enough to be your older brother!
    I have seen the female MC’s come and go.
    You have been one of the most promising female MC’s out there.
    But your timing was shit!

    Now …It is bad enough to see Madonna destroy her own credibility as the queen of innovation album by album…Overproduced, empty and trying hard to impress while she should be an impress!
    But why did you have to participate in this travesty of show and song!?

    I will buy your music as I did until now if it is good.
    But what you do now is more important than what you did with madonna!
    Thats where they all fail!
    The aftermath is devastating!
    This is one of the best videos ever shot! but it is overshadowed by a fuck finger and Madonnas least memorable show of all time!

    Donnt forget where you came from.
    We are lokking up to you and now you will be closer to us.
    Cause u are a true survivor soon!




    righteous Reply:

    @Fa, What killed her career was ending collaboration with DIPLO!!


    Say word Reply:

    @righteous, diplo is dope, doh


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