Melanie Fiona Bikes Through Brooklyn, Bumps Into Spike Lee

Melanie Fiona and Spike Lee

Melanie Fiona takes Jay-Z’s Life + Times on a ride through her Brooklyn neighborhood, exploring the local hotspots. While catching a bite to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant, the West Indian singer spoke about working with Cee Lo Green on their Grammy-winning collaboration “Fool for You,” why she decided to move back to the BK from Manhattan, and her sophomore album The MF Life, which drops tomorrow.

“I experienced a lot of change in my personal and professional life,” said Melanie. “This three years has given me the opportunity to travel the world and really find myself as an artist and really figure out what I want to say on the next album. What I’ve learned is about the ups and downs of life. Life can be magnificent, fantastic. Then on the other side, it can be a motherfucker.”

Spend the day with Melanie and watch her run-in with her Fort Greene neighbor Spike Lee.

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  1. Phoenix_Wright

    aww i’m loving the songs I heard from her album so far and i’m loving her personality. I think I’m becoming a fan O_o lol, she’s cool.


  2. Kyle

    I love her personality! This album is ALL MINE tomorrow! Can’t wait!


  3. Jade

    She’s just riding past these people.. I would’ve went nuts if I saw her! lol She’s amazing. They must not know. Smh.


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  5. Hugh

    She’s great


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