50 Cent Sets July Release Date for New Album

50 Cent

After several delays and a public battle with his label, 50 Cent is finally ready to release his new album. The hip-hop superstar has announced a July date for the oft-delayed project.

“My album is coming out july 2. I got some heat trust me I’m ready,” tweeted 50 about the follow-up to 2009’s Before I Self Destruct, which will mark his fifth album for Interscope Records before his contract is due for renewal.

He previously made threats to his label on Twitter, demanding that they move forward with his album or he would put out more free music. “I got 3,500,000 views in 3 day on hands up. Ok I need a record deal jimmy iovine, call me early tomorrow or I’m putting out another mix tape,” cautioned 50.

When “Girls Go Wild,” his song with Jeremih, prematurely hit the net earlier this year, he threatened to stop promoting his music. “I have lost all the faith in the team I’m on,” a discouraged 50 told his followers. “I having nothing left to say I will not be promoting my music.”

After patching up their relationship, Interscope will release “I Just Wanna” to iTunes on March 26. The Tony Yayo-assisted song appears on his mixtape The Big 10.

50 Cent

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  1. uche

    for the album to be a success, the first single has to be something close to in da club..imo


    Danielle Reply:

    @uche, totally agree


    ayee Reply:

    @uche, or Ayo Technology..


    :P Reply:

    @uche, gangstar rapper


  2. joe

    why even try- theophulus london…listen to that song 50,,,u washed up,aint nobody looking for you,,nobody rocks g-unit nomore,that big movie deal you made was shit bcz they all went to dvd,,,not one fucken person i know rocks that funky colonge you have,,we dont drink your crack head energy drinks,,no major downloads on your new mixtapes,,all your collabos hv been with r n b or spanish artists that imo you made look bad by bieng on thier track,,you outro 50,,accept it,,ymcmb-mmg bitch nigga…


  3. joe

    booooo,you washed up bruh


  4. aoh

    hahahahaahahahaah JOE you are a sadist a BIG one and 50 do not even need broke like you


  5. Mr Nice Watch

    that ish is gonna get pushed back. f that. hope it don’t come out.


  6. who nice Aspouizx



  7. Mettler

    id wash him sexually


  8. victor .. RaUll



  9. Hugh

    I Just Wanna is dope

    As ive said before, Fif NEEDS hot beats to hit.

    I think he’s got it



    50 ….. U needa stop being gay…



    money made 50 like men


  12. yo



  13. Runluv4life

    Stick a fork in him,dude is done…yeah I know he’s rich.but career wise,musically,it’s a wrap.yeah u can say the same for his acting career too.Yeah I know-he’s rich! That wealth will never take away the facts-fifth is a snitch,he’s puss,and he’s roided out.


  14. monica

    :) smile. excited..


  15. Luckystar ajibo

    CJJ 50% 4LIVE ;dat my g i like u like my own babe mama (50 do ur tin …@50 In life u can’t satisfy every body, some like u some hate u, BUT just do ur tin@ gunit 4 live.


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