Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz List SoHo Penthouse for $18 Million

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Penthouse

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz have outgrown their love nest. The power couple is putting their New York penthouse on the market for a whopping $17,950,000. The luxurious 6,167-square-foot triplex features 5 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, and 4 powder rooms. They acquired the pre-war condo from Lenny Kravitz in February 2010 for $12,750,000.

Step inside and you’ll find gorgeous terrace views of SoHo, a private wine cellar, master suite with spa, gourmet eat-in kitchen, and floating glass staircase.

The music duo’s pricey art collection adorns the walls, with portraits of pop culture icons including Muhammad Ali, Sade, and Alicia herself. But don’t expect those to come with the house.

See more pics of their plush digs below.

[The Real Estalker]

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  1. Ruthy



    ronie Reply:

    @Ruthy, 2nd that.


  2. katie

    O m g. I want a house like that!!! So beautiful


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  4. Beyonce is desperate

    Any hoes interested?


    who nice Aspouizx Reply:

    @Beyonce is desperate, yo Shut up desperate Hoe


  5. nits

    I like…they live like the Queen and prince they really are


  6. Redchainsaw

    That house is beautiful!!


  7. Iceman

    LOVE it…hope they really got something bigger in store (and not selling it just because of Swizzy’s IRS troubles)

    P.S. Hope nobody’s still calling Alicia a “homewrecker”…Swizzy cheated on Mashonda with some UK chick…Alicia didn’t enter the picture until a year after he and Mashonda separated!


    Tess Reply:

    @Iceman, Why did you feel the need to even say that? And how do you even know this to be true? Were you present the first time Alicia spread eagle for this Meerkat looking mofo? No. So, you don’t know if her claims of not breaking up Swizz and Mashonda’s marriage are accurate or not, right? Your belief that she is a “good person” is based solely off of the little that she and her team of image consultants have allowed you to know since she hit the airwaves a decade ago.


    Karen Reply:

    @Tess, Not any worse than the claims some people make about how horrible she is. Nothing stops them and they definitely don’t know the truth either. Their belief that she is a “bad person” is also based solely off of internet gossip and rumors that they choose to believe.
    As far as getting a bigger place. Why on earth would anyone want a bigger place than that? I hope they’re happy with their new move for whatever reason.


    The MF Life Is In Stores Reply:

    @Karen, PREACH!!!


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  10. who nice Aspouizx

    beautiful hOUSE


  11. who nice Aspouizx

    wonderful House


  12. @keithrags

    Damn my neighbors are movin’



    That’s what happens when you break up a happy home. What is wrong with us black women? We can be such bitches. White and Asian women dont do this low class sh-t.

    Swizz Beatz is a drug dealer. Everybody knows Alicia likes the ladies. I’m talking 3-pc fish dinner w/ hush puppies. Hell, I go both ways too, but I know to keep is clean and cute. I know how to separate the two. I know how to not be a goldigging homewrecker like Alicia Keys.


    Tim Reply:, Well does anyone have a rose-for your nose? As far as being a gold digger, Alicia doesn’t have be because she has talent and that talent is not putting down other people. As far as your reference to her being a homewrecker– she is not. I mean really I think she deserves a little credit for accepting ALL his children and making sure he takes part in ALL their lives. AK went from no kids to her own plus three more. I truly believe everything happens for a reason and I don’t think she wrecked anything, she just accepted the way things were. Get over it.


  14. Anita

    Looks like a beautiful place if you like city living. I much prefer more open spaces with a lawn and trees and some nice outdoor living. I wish them luck with their next choice. I know many people move constantly just to move and make more money off a home but I never really thought that was a good idea with children and it never really seems like there is a place to call home. No pun intended. Still looking forward to that new album. <3<3<3


  15. Hugh

    Nice but overpriced

    Values havent gone up 40percent in NYC in 2 years


  16. Tennille

    Dope! I’m ready to move in and I hope the Roy Nachum elephant painting comes with, its ridiculous!!


  17. Sleh

    about A.Keys as far as this sleeping with a mareird man is concerned. I think a lot of you are passing judgement on a situation that you know nothing about. We as women all know that a man will only tell you as much about himself that he wants you to know. You have to basically go off of instinct alone. And if he was being very attentive towards A.Keys and always there when she called and all of the other normal things that a boyfriend does or potential boyfriend does than maybe A.Keys had no reason to believe he was still romantically involved with his wife. Everyone is saying rather or not he was still with his wife he was indeed still mareird and A.Keys knew that. Well so did he!! And only he knew what was really going on between him and his wife. So why are we beating her up about it so much? There is a possibility that his wife is one of those woman who wont let go. I feel that A.Keys has been being very mature about the whole situation. With his wife saying she reached out to Alicia and got ignored. A.Keys does not owe her anything. Not a smile or a conversation. They are still mareird now, are you not supposed to date because you are going through a divorce? Ok lets be real here divorce does not take place over night. Especially when their are children involved, and assests. And most imporantly a mutual agreement has to be reached. As long as one part of the divorce is still fighting for something, the actual process can go on and on and on. I am a newly divorced woman I am 31 years old, was with my husband for twelve years, mareird for nine. We started our relationship very young. He carried on a relationship with another woman for three years. He and I own three businesses together, two homes, two children and, four cars. So when he was telling me work was keeping him away from home for so long I believed him because the money was pouring in. He was telling her that he was still mareird because there was too much stuff to divide between us so it was basically cheaper to keep me. She believed it, he spent more time with her then he did at home, he took her on vacations, he did everything with her. Not until their relationship start getting out of hand did I get suspicious. So I started snooping around and finding shit out. One day he talked about how he had a business trip to go on that would keep him away from home for a week. I said ok. I found out where she lived which was about 15 miles from where we lived. I went to her home and knocked on the door. I had tears falling down my face after seeing my car parked in her driveway. She came to the door and after I screamed and yelled at her he came to the door looking STUPID!!! I told her everything, she also started to cry, and of course I felt like what right does she have to cry? But after I got myself together I realized that both of us was being played, that she also loved that same man that I loved. And we both were living in a world of lies. He lied to me to be with her and vice versa. In the end he ran home crying and begging but that was it for us. That’s why I say don’t blame the other woman because u never know what lies he’s been telling her. Blame the real person at fault which is the one who stood with his wife before god and took those vows. There are even some woman who pry on mareird men, but guess what ladies? If our men loved us, and respected those vows, those sack chasing women wouldn’t have nothing coming. Smack ya’ll lips and roll your eyes if you want. But u know I’m right.


  18. Peter Droid



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