Drake Debuts New Verse at GQ Cover Shoot


Drake celebrated his second GQ cover by performing a never-before-heard verse during his photo shoot for the magazine’s first-ever Style Bible. Looking dapper in a tailored suit, Drizzy debuted “A Little Favour,” where he raps about women, getting paid half a mill a show, and buying Warhols for his crib.

“No love for these bitches I said this year it’s all bidness/ It is a shame that a couple of ‘em are off limits/ No offense to my ni**a/ It’s just the industry’s small, we all lust for the same women,” he rhymes, while confessing to hooking up with the same girls as his mentor.

“I know I got a couple things that Lil Wayne dipped in/ Ain’t ashamed to admit it.”

Watch him look sharp while delivering the slick verse below.

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  1. sdfjg

    that wasnt the time or place to recite that verse.

    he kinda erased the class & “gentleman” saying niggas, bitches & talking bout fucking the same hoes as lil wayne.


  2. fsjetsons

    drake killt it tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!swaguuuuu #fsjetsons #hoh


  3. Lauryn

    He Hasn’t Got That Type Of Flow, To Do That! Nas, Jay, Ye, 3000 Has – He Aint. A Lot Of These “HOT” Rappers Ain’t The Sh*t…


  4. Miles

    Drake is one of my favorite rappers and all, but he is not a freestyle artist


  5. Huh?

    OH, didnt know Canadians had a southern accent but ok


    MrUnhateable Reply:

    @Huh?, He did live in Houston with his dad here and there and he does hang around birdman and Wayne. It has to rub off.


    KT Reply:


    His father is from Memphis, not Houston.


    Huh? Reply:

    @MrUnhateable, he is an actor..but I still like him…its entertainment


  6. The Cudder

    just my opinion


  7. sdfjg

    i dont this was the time or place to recite that verse

    Saying N!ggas, Bi#ches & fu@cking the same h0es as lil wayne erases the class & “gentleman” aspect of the shoot

    to me thats not what GQ stands for


    Insider Reply:

    @sdfjg, Exactly. That’s just nasty. Male hoes, keep your piece in your pants man.


  8. André

    Neither da tym or place 4dat kinda verse..yes! But dat nikka drizzy is sayin da fact tho. Do ya tin dawg!! #OVOXO


  9. CarlosBonegro

    that verse has made my day hahaha he admits to forking the same girls as lil wayne hahaha


    Right Reply:

    @CarlosBonegro, thats digusting and he probably do it on purpose because he clearly has esteem issues


  10. who nice Aspouizx

    Think that he need to come something Better then that rap sheets


  11. Chile_Bew

    he is such a queen


  12. JoJo

    You guys are all F**king idoits and P*ssies. First of all it doesn’t matter if it was the time or place, people that don’t change during circumstances are true and not pretenders. His verse killed it, all you old heads need to get off his d**k if you love 90′s hip hop then just pump that and stay in your place. No one can f**k with Drake, he IS THE BEST ARTIST ALIVE.


  13. Hugh

    Agree wasnt the time, but great one



    Drake is the best artist out there. Too all you lil bitchz, quit hatin’ because hes the future of this game my nigga


  15. Drake Debuts New Verse For GQ | #TeamDrizzy

    [...] As we know Drake is on the cover of GQ for the new #StyleBible issue looking quite dapper. While at his shoot Drake debuted a new verse “A Little Favour” where he raps about women, getting paid half a mill a show, and buying Warhols for his crib. Watch the video above to see Drake deliver this new verse. Source: RAPUP [...]

  16. monica

    rich and fame, so what! he still real and true. :)


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