Video: Nipsey Hussle – ‘Run a Lap’

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle reps for his city in the video for “Run a Lap,” a cut off his mixtape The Marathon Continues. The L.A. rapper, who recently inked a partnership with DJ Skee, takes viewers through his South Central stomping ground, linking up with his homies and partying with women. Head out West with Nipsey.

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  1. Iri

    Proud Habescha!!



    Why do all of these crackheads and killers keep becoming role models for our black boys? What is Wiz Khalifa going to teach my unborn son? How to roll a joint?


    @oneoffreply Reply:, I would do some research and listen to his music, in particular the messages in ‘The Marathon’ mixtapes before hitting your keyboard. You are then able to comment knowing full well what you are talking about.


  3. Dee

    What good my nigga nipsey man the music is so hard its like you no how it is out here in the street , good looking an keep it going alll money in no money out .. $$$$$!


  4. Mr. Who wed Nice

    who the hella is he


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