Melanie Fiona Goes Acoustic for Rolling Stone

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona unplugged and let her voice power her acoustic performance for Rolling Stone. Backed by a guitarist, she performed her new cuts “This Time,” “Wrong Side of a Love Song,” “Change the Record,” and “4 AM” off her sophomore album The MF Life, which was released this week.

The R&B songbird also spoke about her Grammy-winning collaboration with Cee Lo Green “Fool for You,” dream duets with Adele and Alicia Keys, and longtime friendship with Drake.

“We just celebrate each other all the time,” said Melanie of her fellow Canadian. “It’s a really great feeling and we’re really proud of each other.”

“This Time”

“Wrong Side of a Love Song”

“Change the Record”

“4 AM”


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  1. Hip-Hop Fiend

    She’s so fucking beautiful. Her music is dope. She’s the second best, right next to the QUEEN Alicia Keys!


  2. Dave

    She completely SLAYED! Especially “Wrong Side of A Long Song.” & I’m loving “The MF Life”, anybody having doubts, you should DEFINITELY GO GET IT.


  3. Keith

    Real Talent.


  4. Treyy



    Harmony2 Reply:



  5. Kyle

    “The MF Life” is simply the best R&B album so far this year and after watching these accoustic performances, it goes to show that she doesn’t need anything to get the point of her songs across except her extraordinary voice. I’m so happy the way things happened the way they did with this album. After almost a year of pushbacks, the set-up couldn’t be more perfect. Two Grammy wins and a current slow-climbing top 10 hit with “4AM,” Melanie Fiona is running things!! “The MF Life” is getting amazing reviews so buy it!


    DEYSHUN Reply:

    @Kyle, Definitely the best R@B album so far and probably gonna be a top 5 this whole year



    I went to 106 @ Park and Fuse to see her. She is very humble and beautiful. Her voice is Amazing


  7. Diamond Girl

    impressed. the songs were palatable and enjoyable in acoustic form which often lets the vocalist shine. i may have to go cop this. good job Mel!


  8. philly11

    The MF Life is in constant rotation. Thx, Melanie


  9. Hugh

    Love her


  10. Audrey Hepburn

    A true talent and very humble lady. :)


  11. Jordan

    Rap-up, do you know where I can download this?


  12. Lye

    4Am is my jam….damn this is the kind of RnB that’s missing….too much pop bubblegum out there. get them Mel.


  13. Say word

    I absolutely loved this. Amazing. Voice matches the face


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