Rap-Up TV: Dawn Richard Talks ‘Armor On’ EP, Departure from Bad Boy

Dawn Richard presented her 10-track EP Armor On to a packed house at a listening session in Beverly Hills last night. With producer Druski by her side, Rap-Up TV spoke with the former Danity Kane diva about the project, the end of Dirty Money, and her split from Bad Boy.

“You’re gonna hear R&B taken to a whole ‘nother level,” shared an excited Dawn, who worked with Druski on nine of the EP’s 10 tracks.

The explosive first single “Bombs” will debut next week and she will appear on “106 & Park” to premiere the dance-heavy video. “It’s really aggressive and what I love about is it’s our ‘Hearts have arrived’ record,” she explained. “It’s such a confident record and the way we approached it is super aggressive and super cocky.”

She also set the record straight on her departure from Bad Boy, explaining that the split was amicable. Following the disbanding of Dirty Money, Diddy told her that she would have to wait a year or two to release a solo project if she stuck around, but after requesting a release, he granted it.

“It was a choice and I needed to go where the best place was for me,” said Dawn. “As an artist, you can’t wait two years. People forget about you in three seconds, so you have to grind like no other to stay relevant. He was gracious enough to say, ‘I’ll let you do that.’ Labels don’t do that. They’ll shelve you.”

Dawn is grateful to her former boss for releasing her from her contract to pursue a solo career. “I was so thankful that he didn’t do what everybody said he was gonna do. He was like, ‘You gave me six years, so here’s your chance.’”

Armor On will be available exclusively on iTunes on March 27.

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  1. Marie

    you better tell em Dawn! WEERRRRK. you the shit… 3.27.12 i got my Armor On!


  2. WonderLand19

    ARMOR ON!!

    So im hyped for this EP, Im beyond ready!!!!


  3. Will

    Ok so does this mean Dawn is going to stay independent? I really hope a Major label desides to sign her because shes an artist that should be promoted well. The state of the music industry sucks now its crazy cause artists that arent even as talented as her are getting Budgeted by Interscope, Def Jam, RCA, Etc. If this was back in the 90′s or early 2000′s she wouldnt even have to wait too long. Record labels are signing way too many artists now a days that are honestly a waste of slots. Lets take Soulja Boy for example…..


    Love Reply:

    @Will, I’m pretty sure her next move, will be to sign with a Major Label Company. However, she needs to be careful while doing it.


  4. georgia23

    I’m sooooooo HYPE for this EP!!! I’m going to see her and PJ Morton and truth be told…. I’m really only going for her. #heartsheaux #ArmorOn


  5. Kyle

    I will definitely be purchasing “Armor On” off of Itunes next week. I respect this girls hustle and I’m glad she left Bad Boy. Nothing against Diddy, but that says a lot about Dawn’s bravery because Diddy has been navigating her career since she started in Danity Kane and I think it goes to show that she was willing to take chances and that passionate about her solo material. #SOMUCHRESPECT.


  6. Ftab

    Wow Dawn is an indie artist? She is a hustler she doing all this without backing? She is dope in all aspects. Well I am fist in line I really respect her so much now. That’s what’s up Dawn I am going to by 10 copies of that EP


  7. sherry

    Much Respect dawn! i am so glad she cleared this up in more detail for all the haters/nay sayers…she is a grinder…she abouy dat work..and she simply did not want to wait two years…don’t blame her…I’ll be supporting her…i hope a lot of other people will too.


  8. Me that's who

    It makes alot of sense, so there you have it!


  9. Kimberly

    I can’t wait for the Ep. Her and Druski make a good team.


  10. Wow!



  11. IV.

    Druski look good af and he looks shy lls but I’m proud of Dawn. She’s a dope artist and her creativity is on another level. I’m glad Diddy granted her a release and is still supporting her. He’s officially the coldest.


  12. mus

    Have a crush on this girl, cant lay hands on what it is. Dope music too


  13. WednesdayAd

    Oh, Diddy is on that modern day slavery I see.

    Well good for her.


  14. Bombsaway

    Druski is so sexy and dawn I can’t wait for this ep


  15. Rap*LovesJesus

    Im starting to dig her.


  16. !!!!!!!!!

    I see it and I like her new found confidence. The last interview (Cookie jar) and this has made me love and respect her again. She needs to slow the f down when she talks and talk less but she has definitely grown in confidence and it is showing. She seems comfortable in her skin right now, like she believes in her ability and her personality and a lot of that has to do with this Druski partnership.

    And thank God I’m not the only one who sees how fine Dru is. That boy is sexy ass.


    MATT Reply:

    @!!!!!!!!!, She has been the same person mannn. it isnt Druski babe… she just on her own now… its funny hoe people see things..lol she is from the n.o. they tend to talk fast boo. hr pseronality has always been this way i thhink people are just starting to pay attention..lol and honey if she talks less we wont know what anythings about… she is the artist giving us the info.. and druski is shy.. soooo…lol


    !!!!!!!!! Reply:

    Anyone ever watched a video of Dawn and felt like she tried too hard or came off fake unconfident or forced?


  17. Shazza

    I love how and that she cleared that up. I actually believe her even though there was a time I thought she was fake as hell, she seems really genuine and at ease here.


  18. PYTee

    I’m mad Dawn tried to embarrass Druski in the beginning LMAO but ugggh she’s so pretty lol I love her and I love the direction she’s going! I cannot wait for this EP and I really hope it helps her get signed to a major record label.


    Diamond Reply:

    @PYTee, I didn’t see it that way. They look very comfortable with one another. She just wanted him to talk more lol. And Druski made it clear that’s just his personality. And she made it clear that she loved him. Everything seems good to me! :)


  19. yaz

    I am so proud of Dawn. I know this EP is going to be pure greatness.


  20. Go Dawn

    She should stay away from the predictable constant harmonies and arrangements on her tracks. She is right in saying the two bands have confused the audience, they need time to live with who Dawn is and what she represents as Dawn, she also needs more time to find consistency in the production level, direction and imaging before launching herself. A few examples:

    Bulletproof/Change/Black Lipstick – are everything to me, I just hope any video follow up stays true to the lyric.

    Fly – the beat was terrible but live, it sounded great, the EP art (minus the most recent rock white dress picture) were unappealing.

    SMFU – the original was a classic and possible one of her best to date but the remix and video stalled its momentum because they did no justice to the track

    Booms – is ok but she stepped back into the confused production.

    When she realises that her strength is simplicity in the vocal and complex lyrical content she’ll be set, the clip of her singing and playing the piano is beautifully artistic to me.


    MATT Reply:

    @Go Dawn, bombs is done by the same producer babe…. as well as SMFU… LOL…..the harmonies are dope and honestly brilliant… but that is your opinion and maybe musically you cant hear the genius in it


    I think I'm in love with Druski Reply:

    @MATT, You must be a die hard of a close friend.


    dawnfan Reply:

    @Go Dawn, i completely co-sign on everything you said.
    that fly beat was just so terrible but the performance of the song live was really good


  21. Shonda

    I’m really starting to get that she is more of an artist and more about just music that most of the superstars out right now. Cassie should have been put on the back burner because that chick gives me model with no confidence or interest in music.


  22. Chile_Bew

    I love her she is so real!


  23. hill

    i’m sooooooooooooo excited for dawn/you have arrive and then some/dawn you are sooo talented,gracious,beautiful and one of GOD gifts/do your thang my chocolate sistas/i love you forever(smiling wide while i’m writing this)peace


  24. meme

    Dawn is my everything. love her to bits. I will be spending my couple of dollars on this EP if its the last ting i do. Please guys, make the purchase.

    Oh and BTW that Druski guy is too freakin fine. wat a cutie


  25. meme

    I just watched the beginning, she shudnt have said that. Everyone is not gonna be out there like that. Obviously he’s a bit shy, but thats wat makes him even more attractive.


    sherry Reply:

    @meme, u DO realize that they are friends and that she was just joking right?…if u have watched other videos that they have done together..talking about the album..they play with each/joke around like that…some of u guys take stuff too seriously.


    MATT Reply:

    @sherry, exactly sherry!!! hahahaha


    meme Reply:

    @sherry, im not takin anything seriously. i kno they are friends but that doesnt mean friends cant hurt others feelings. if u look at his reaction he obviously was shaken by her common and she notice it thats why she was quick to say she was just kidding and she love him. but watever. im not makin a big deal ot of it


    Rhonda Reply:

    @meme, I watched it to. And from my viewpoint. I feel like she didn’t mean know harm by it. They’re together all the time. And they probably talk a certain way to one another. He probably say certain things to her to. That’s what people do who are close. It comes natural, being friends. People make a big deal out of small things. Clearly, they love one another.


  26. Rhonda

    I love this interview. She seems very genuine in what she is saying. She has definitely won me over as a fan. I can’t wait to hear her Ep. And Druski is fine!


  27. Romelo

    Mark Curry (crazy he might be) once said “Diddy has the ability to have you leave a room feeling on top of the world, like you got everything you asked for, when really he did. He can fucked with your head”

    I believe this is the situation here.


  28. Hugh

    Great they let her do her own thing


  29. Kalub

    Dawn has been grinding solo for a hot minute. People thinks she has all this backing, but the girl is a go-getter and knows how to market herself.

    Can’t wait for her to get signed. Gonna take over.


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