Video: Karmin – ‘Brokenhearted’


Real-life couple Karmin puts their relationship on screen in the video for “Brokenhearted,” the second single from the YouTube sensation’s Epic Records debut Hello. After partying the night before, Amy waits around all day in her lingerie for Nick to call, but her phone never rings. The tension builds when she sees him the next day at band rehearsals. Will they hook up again? See the surprise ending.

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  1. Reyyan

    I like it


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  3. Hugh

    Fun song

    Sad end


  4. Redchainsaw

    Question,why does Rap-Up only cover a selective amount of “white people”? o_O

    Inquiring Mind


    DJInVincible74 Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, You think this is bad, check out Billboard’s R&B/Hip-hop chart. In the top 40, you can count the amount of records by non-African American artists on one hand.


  5. WonderLand19

    This is how you do Hip-Pop!
    How could you do that to Amy, Nick? lol

    Love karmin! This has been on repeat for weeks now. :)


  6. JustSayin..

    I like Karmin! liked them since the BET awards, they haven’t disappointed me since


  7. bret

    so karmin is r&b??


  8. Steve

    Ohhh…this is the girl that was Rapping Busta Rhymes, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne at the BET Awards !?! She is sooo dope. I like that she’s starting to write her own raps, she’s pretty good at rapping.


  9. Can't wait to see wat karmin has next

    I Love Karmin, Keep this great music going. And to the ignorant people out there, MUSIC IS UNIVERSAL, weather your Black, White, Yellow, purple or green as long as it’s great music Don’t Hate it, Support it.


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