Video: Trey Songz – ‘Sex Ain’t Better Than Love’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz follows two different paths in the split-screen video for “Sex Ain’t Better Than Love,” a single off last year’s Inevitable EP. The R&B crooner explores love in one scenario and sex in another.

“The concept is a split lifestyle,” explained Trigga of the Juwan Lee-directed clip. “In life you make decisions and you make choices and you never get to see what would happen if you made a different choice. It’s not really where we go into the past. It’s more so at one moment I make a decision to be with one woman and in one moment I make a decision to choose another woman.”

“Heart Attack,” the first single from Trey’s upcoming album Chapter V, will premiere on Monday. The song was produced by Benny Blanco (Wiz Khalifa, Katy Perry) and Rico Love (Beyoncé, Usher).

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  1. tim

    dope video


  2. sewa



  3. i love trey songz♥

    omg i love this video he’sooooooooo beautiful ♥
    love u trey


  4. luvluv

    LOVE this video! And everyone has their clothes on. lol. Bravo Trey!


  5. MsTara

    I luv this vid!! The words he is singn is the truth!!


  6. Treys Excelling Angel

    I love this video!! Trey is always beyond sexy!! The chick he was in love with was very pretty as well.


  7. Right

    Cute video!


  8. DeeJay

    I like it.


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  10. Wholeness

    This video, is one of the best RnB videos that has came out so far this year. It is so sweet, and reminds you of what old school RnB was about.


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  12. Kayla

    I love it!!! This is my favorite track from the Inevitable EP! Such a good concept for the video!


  13. Candy



  14. Tara

    Luv this vid Trey!! So true sex aint betta thn love.


  15. Sbuam

    damn this nigga finally makin some good r&b with a real message ! my girl loves this song !


  16. bianca

    Love u love it love everything about u…..<3 mwah


  17. KC

    GREAT CONCEPT…love the song and video!!!


  18. SidneyAubreyBeyince

    My husband looking sexy in this video I love it the song speaks volume :)


    Dainelle Reply:

    My husband gurl hah!(: ♥


  19. Rap*LovesJesus

    love it


  20. me

    nice concept

    1. i hope he practices what he’s preachin coz i remember him in the past on some radio station sayin he didnt remember how many girls he slept wit and some of their faces.
    2. for the end of the video, where was the marriage? if he loved her wud he not wife her first than make her a mere baby mama?


    raquel24 Reply:

    @me, notice the ring on his finger when they are arguing


  21. aoh

    r kelly that is all i need to say


  22. ILoveIt

    The video is beautiful. Also for those asking where was the marriage. If you look at the part when they are arguing and they make up, you can clearly see a ring on his finger. So they did get married before she got pregnant.

    He did good with this one.


    sewa Reply:

    @ILoveIt, exactly..i was just about to say d same thing! Love this vid sooo much


    raquel24 Reply:

    @sewa, so was I lol people need to pay attention before they say anything ahaha :p I love this video!.


  23. Missz Evaa

    treeeeeeeyyy mmm love thiss songg damnn :o


  24. Jay

    Can wait for Chapter 5!


  25. James

    is that kim kardashian? i mean… i know it’s not, but……….? my lord!


  26. vernille felix

    this is soooooooooooooo true.everyone should follow those trey


  27. Dainelle

    i love you Trey Songz .

    -Dainelle Lopez♥


  28. Nicole

    Jeez give me a break @all ‘em motherf*ckers who think u can have songs dReam on!!!get a life peepz and leave the celebs a fuck alone



    Damn right . Sex ain’t better than love! :)


  30. Andrea


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