New Music: Bassnectar f/ Lupe Fiasco – ‘Vava Voom’

Lupe Fiasco

Hip-hop meets dubstep on “Vava Voom,” Lupe Fiasco’s super-charged collaboration with Bassnectar, the first single off the DJ-producer’s album of the same name, due April 10.

“[Lupe] was doing this crazy double-meaning story over the track, talking about hypnosis while waving his arms in the air as if casting a spell,” Bassnectar told Rolling Stone. “‘Vava Voom’ is where life shifts into time-warp speed, but you find yourself in an almost slow-motion trance.”

Listen to their worlds collide below.

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  1. JEY

    Va Va Voom ? Lmao! That sounds very Nicki Minaj.

    And I prefer Nicki’s track .


  2. alex



  3. sagb

    i like it..


  4. Isac



  5. HA

    I guess thats the reason nicki decided not to release hers as a single. She shot the video for it already too


  6. @SickOn_SWAGG

    Wow Sounds Familiar….*waits for ppl to notice sarcasm* Nicki’s Song Has the same title !


  7. ayee

    blocked.. can’t see it


  8. Colt45

    lupe fiacso hates israel, classic.


  9. Hahahaha

    Sep03x0xRuthx0x Wow, just wow. This song is UNREAL. Love all the anti-illuminati lyrics and sceens. This song really needs to be publicised. Is Lupe big in America? I personally havnt heard any of his songs since Superstar on the radio etc. I wonder if thats due to the illuminati? Anyway, im going to dowload this song and put it on repeat. Epic.


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