Diddy, Frank Ocean, & Keyshia Cole Wear Hoodies in Support of Trayvon Martin


Diddy donned a hoodie in remembrance of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who was shot to death by a neighborhood watch captain in Florida last month. The shooting has sparked a nationwide uproar over race and justice, with even President Obama weighing in.

Thousands of people participated in the Million Hoodies March in cities across the country to seek justice for Martin, who was wearing a hoodie when he was killed.

“I didn’t know wearing a hoodie made me a target,” tweeted the Bad Boy mogul, while Swizz Beatz wrote, “Had to Hoodie up for Trayvon. What a sad situation! Blessing to his fam.”

Many celebrities voiced their support via social media, while Keyshia Cole, Ludacris, Jamie Foxx, Frank Ocean, Nelly, The-Dream, and players from the Miami Heat sported hoodies in a showing of solidarity. See them band together below.

Keyshia Cole


Frank Ocean

Jamie Foxx

Swizz Beatz



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  1. TOO SAD!



    Will Reply:

    @TOO SAD!, And this sick guy is still walking free now eating and sleeping while Trayvon is in a grave dead. The thing that i dont get is that They have this dude George Zimmerman on tape and the police dispatcher told him NOT to follow Trayvon yet he still does it then has the audacity to say that he jumped out the bushes and attacked him. Are u serious? This whole case has my blood pressure up seriously so pissed.


    TOO SAD! Reply:

    @Will, Mine’s too! Before anyone stated that Zimmerman followed Trayvon after being asked not to. I said if first here! This man was looking for confrontation. That was his whole purpose! This is pure common sense. This man was asking for trouble. His story of “Why” he shot Trayvon is, RIDICULOUS!!!


    mr. Ain't Loco Reply:

    @TOO SAD!, True about that. and that GZ desver to go to jail for the rest of his life.


    rod grey Reply:

    @mr. Ain’t Loco, toni braxton new song i heart you


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  6. Miles

    I’mma do the same


  7. Hip-Hop Fiend

    I’m gonna only eat skittles and drink ice tea today.


  8. My Name U Dont need 2 kno dat

    You know whats funny though, this happens in the UK EVERYDAY!!!!


    WonderLand19 Reply:

    @My Name U Dont need 2 kno dat, Yep. If ur black, a male and wearing a hoodie in the UK ur a target by the police.

    They arrest the person who flour-bombed Kim K but they fail to arrest Trayvon Martins killer. Wheres the justice? Pray for Trayvon’s family and that his killer is sent to jail.


    Spida Reply:

    @My Name U Dont need 2 kno dat,
    It happens everywhere in the world, everyday.


  9. Harmony2



  10. Chanel

    Rooting for my favorite entertainers!!!

    I can’t believe the world we live in, Trayvon was killed because of what he had on, its terrible. That man, NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED for taking Trayvon’s life, Trayvon didn’t do nothing to him, so why was he killed? When i first heard of this on the news , i couldn’t believed what i was hearing, a supposed Neighborhood Watch Man killing someone, for what, cause he had a hoodie on and was at 7 Eleven, let this man be in jail so he won’t hurt another soul. R.I.P. Trayvon Martin. My thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time in their life right now and please God let justice be serve. Don’t let this man walk.


  11. dave

    i dont think nelly is supporting anyone,his just taking a stroll


    meme Reply:

    @dave, lmfao…thats wat i thought. he just happens to have on a hoody in that shot and wanna act like he did that for trey.


  12. Cortez

    it always gotta be the black people. go figure


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  14. RaphWilson

    Ummm, Rap-Up? Thats an old picture of Nelly. That has nothing to do with Trayvon!


    cortez Reply:

    @RaphWilson, nelly tweeted that photo with a petition for trayvon


    Cortez Reply:

    @cortez, that person take my screen name, so i didnt write u @ all


  15. From Tokyo

    Wearing mine on my FB page. Signed the petition as soon as I found out, back when there were only 400,000-something signatures. If it’s the least we can do, at least we can do that.


  16. OOL UH UH

    I hope we never take our hoodies off. The fight doesn’t end here.


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  18. mr. Ain't Loco

    hope george Zimmerman go to jail for the rest of his life he ain’t nothing but a bull of a dog. glad that people are helping out for TM.


  19. rod grey

    toni braxton new song i heart you


  20. Chanel Lugo

    This has to stop… I never thought that I would live to see the day that a person would be gunned down by a kindergarden cop with an attitude.We have a young man murdered by a guy that had a plan to kill the moment he spotted a black man (Trayvon).The killer put his plan in action the minute he called the cops.He was told not to follow the guy and he did and(zimmerman) said things like he’s looking at me,he’s going in his wristband,he’s coming toward me, f—ing coons,he’s running,these kind always get away etc etc.The fact is if, zimmerman had stayed in his car like he was advised by the dispatcher this young man would be alive today.And now because zimmerman has a broke nose and a scratch behind his neck they want to call it self defense.Well its not self defense when you go after a unarmed young boy because he has on a hoodie. Its sad.. I pray for our black men because racism still and always will exist in this world.We have our so called freedom but that to is at a price.They dont like the way we dress so they find a way around it. They say that they feel threatened and then they kill and its justified, To some a BLACK MALE IS JUST A N—-R. But to some he is an Awesome Father, Great Brother,Loving Uncle,Talented Cousin and He is very loved. A thug comes in all colors, shapes and sizes other than Black.Everything Black IS NOT EVIL AND EVERYTHING WHITE IS NOT PURE..We still have a long way to go.God Bless Trayvon’s Family..They have a long/hard battle ahead of them.BUT THE WORLD HAS THEIR BACK BECAUSE WE ARE TRAYVON MARTIN….


  21. Brittany Epps

    i hope Zimmerman get whats comin to him not only because trayvon is black but because right is right and wrong is wrong and he did not have to shoot him you was on a crime watch what you doin with a gun and why follow trayvon if you say he doin wrong R.I.P TRAYVONbecause


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