New Music: Mac Miller f/ Lil Wayne – ‘The Question’

Mac Miller and Lil Wayne

Mac Miller lets his mind wander on the Lil Wayne-assisted “The Question,” a contemplative cut off his mixtape Macadelic, produced by Wally West and ID Labs. Weezy lights up a stogie in his Bentley, confessing that he just bought a chopper and doesn’t eat anchovies. “I come from a place where stars never shine and drama is accepted, credit cards are declined,” raps the New Orleans MC on his pensive verse.

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  1. :O youMADstayMAD

    Lil Wayne is a BEAST!


  2. why??????



  3. ayee

    this is bullshit…


  4. B.o.neeZy

    Mac Suck -_- .. WeeZy kill him ..


  5. Mike

    smdh. Mac collaborating w/Wayne just brought himself down


    MrUnhateable Reply:

    @Mike, How u figure that? If it wasn’t for ft.lil wayne I would have ever clicked the link and listened.


    cooleyhigh Reply:

    @MrUnhateable, ^^^ DEAD, the beat and lil wayne are the highlights of this song, not Wack miller


  6. Dmoney9106

    I whip that trick like Terrance Howard!! nobody messin with wayne!!


  7. rackcity

    Wayne destroy Mac on this track!


  8. P

    weezy still got it. WEEZY F!


  9. sasha132

    im glad wayne was on the song cuz mac miller sucked


  10. Yeah

    wack as fuck


  11. jesse romanelli

    you niggas are dumb as shit if i could see anyone of u i would spit in your face and just beat the shit outta you, Wayne is a beast nigga!!!!


  12. weezy the best

    Lil Wayne saves this song .. go weezy


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