New Music: Trey Songz – ‘Heart Attack’ [Snippet]

Trey Songz

Somebody call a doctor. Trey Songz is suffering from a broken heart on “Heart Attack,” the first single off his fifth album Chapter V. The emotionally damaged crooner pours his heart out over the pounding production by hitmakers Benny Blanco and Rico Love.

“It’s killing me, swear I’ve never cried so much/ ‘Cause I never knew love would hurt this fucking bad/ Worst pain that I ever had,” sings a hurt Trey.

Experience a snippet of “Heart Attack” before the full song premieres Monday.


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  1. my name is oo



    Jay Reply:

    @my name is oo, He had me in love with this song in the first few seconds. This is gonna be a big song!


  2. Is

    Typical Trey, cute.


  3. KingTahir

    I’m not excited…. I want him to take a chance for once and do something different!


  4. Bubbles

    @KingTahir Something different like what, pop?


    KingTahir Reply:

    @Bubbles,Not pop, cause thats just the route everyone’s goin down nowadays, but i mean something I’ve never heard before, we have all heard this before


    Ice Reply:

    @Bubbles, Please no more “Lol :-)” whatever he decides to do…

    I personally think Trey is best at what he does, make baby-making records. Sometimes being experimental is alright, but it could be a disaster.


    treyday Reply:

    @Ice, If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Simple.


    Cranberry Reply:

    @treyday, it’s thinking like that that’s going to keep a Grammy-less, B-grade R&B singer that’ll never be known beyond a BET audience.


    Liky Reply:

    @Cranberry, Exactly


  5. Bubbles

    @KingTahir something different like what? pop?


  6. i love trey songz♥

    can’t wait i love you trey <3 fuck haters !


  7. 2bad2bme

    Trey “Hang it up; Flat Screen”


  8. Marsha lotus

    This is amazing!!!! Thank you trey for keeping r&b alive


  9. ayot

    sounds very good
    but dis has jason derulo writing in the song
    melody and delivery


    byyr Reply:

    @ayot, u r right sounds like derulo in some parts


  10. MaHJ

    This is actually different In its own way! It has pop written all over it! Great lyrics! And it’s just the first single u never know what the album will bring! He always brings fire so! And he is one of the best Male r&b artists of our time! Deal with it!


  11. Mahz

    Somthing different I wld think idk but so nice I really liked it n something so real that I feel that I’m going through and I don’t know what to do cuz I feel like I’m goin to have one feeling suffer cared without YOU!!!!


  12. Korea

    Someone says “typical” Trey but I rather him be his “Typical” self than to be like others. I thinks this is going to be a Great! Song and an Awesome album! I love him and his “Typical” style and I adore his “typical” voice. He is one of a kind doesn’t need try anything NEW.


  13. BOSSenough?!

    FINALLY… I f*cks with this one


  14. Brandy

    It is different…doesn’t sound like any of his other stuff. So he’s taking a chance being different. I like it.


  15. Ramon

    It’s straight, but nothing new from him. Predictable, Trigga.


  16. ILoveIt

    All these people saying that this is predictable Trey, must not listen to him. This is def not typical Trey

    I love the snippet though, it is def something that can be played on both RnB and pop radio. He did all this without going the techno dance route too. I love it, and can’t wait to hear the rest.


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